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Cooling system Lenovo C340 14IWL

I recently bought C340 14IWL I5 8265U with VGA onboard Intel Graphic 620.
On the back of the device, I can see two slots to release the heat but only the right side is working. I have reviewed some documents from User Guides, Hardware Maintenance Manual and can see the cooling system with two fans.
I also know some version with VGA NVIDIA and I wonder if only these versions have a cooling system with two fans?
The reason that I ask this's because I often see fans run very fast and make noises. This is my first time using a laptop from Lenovo so I don't know if it's normal or not ? My previous laptop from Asus was rarely able to hear the noise from the fan.

And one more thing. I bought this laptop for 20 days and use Conservation Mode. Is full charge capacity (in Lenovo Vantage/Battery) reliable ? 10 days ago I checked and found 45Wh/45Wh(Design). 3 days ago it suddenly reduced to 41/45Wh, then i turned off Conservation mode and fully charged and now it's increased to 42.9/45Wh. (With 10 Cycle count)
Thank you

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Re: Cooling system Lenovo C340 14IWL

The video below show the inside of the C340 model without the discrete Nvidia graphics, and it does indeed have only a single, but larger, cooling fan than the two fan version.    


C340 Fan Removal


More C340 parts removlal/repelacement videos


I cannot answer you battery questions, but in my experience lithium batteries last longer in conservation mode (lifespan).







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Re: Cooling system Lenovo C340 14IWL

It's me. 

Thanks for the answer from you. In the videos you send, behind the laptop is only a large slot to release heat with a big fan. But my laptop is designed with 2 smaller slots. Like a cooling system with two fans. 
Now, I can see that the heat sink on the left slot is fake. It's made from plastic and not metal. 

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