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Fix to missing/non working driver for webcam after installing new OS

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Webcam doesn't work on your lenovo 3000 laptop?

I ran into this problem after reeinstalling XP on my machine. MSN tells you that other apps are using the cam, the driver seems messed up. Since I have seen several unresolved posts referring to this I figured I would post how to fix it here.

If you read somewhere else to go download the driver from sonyx, this will not fix your problem.

Instead, go into control panel, add hardware, tell it the hardware is already connected and it will show you all the devices that are connected to your pc, including the cam. Have it install the cam automatically. You've probably gotten this far already.

Now what you need to do is repeat this step for all the "Standard PCI to USB host controllers" that you see listed that are not yet installed.







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