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Paper Tape
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G550 fan problem

Problem with the fan is that it spins up and then down very often. For example when idling the fan spins up for a 2-3 seconds and stops for a couple of seconds. This spin up/down cycle keeps repeating.

This model has GeForce G 105M graphic card.

GPU automaticly lowers the clock speeds when it's not needed. The speeds are (when idling):


GPU core clock        169.0 MHz
GPU shaders clock    338.0 MHz
GPU memory clock    100.0 MHz

Processor also lowers it's clock speed & voltage. (Intel Pentium T4200). Other specs are:

Lenovo G550 15.6" WXGA HD/T4200/4GB/320GB/Vista Home Premium.


Here are the temperatures listed (CPUID Hardware Monitor



Mainboard Vendor    LENOVO
Mainboard Model        NITU1

Temperature sensor 0    41°C (105°F) [0x29] (CPU)
Temperature sensor 6    28°C (82°F) [0x1C] (Battery #1)

ACPI hardware monitor
Temperature sensor 0    41°C (105°F) [0xC46] (TZ00)

Intel Pentium T4200 hardware monitor
Temperature sensor 0    34°C (93°F) [0x42] (Core #0)
Temperature sensor 1    34°C (93°F) [0x42] (Core #1)

GeForce G 105M hardware monitor
Temperature sensor 0    45°C (112°F) [0x2D] (GPU Core)

Hitachi HTS543232L9A300 hardware monitor
Temperature sensor 0    48°C (118°F) [0x30] (HDD)



Any ideas how to make the fan less active? The temperatures don't seem that hight to me. I would like that the fan would only spin when it's really needed. Does anyone have the same model or similar problems with the fan?


The fan spins longer when the load is higher. So no problems with that.

What's DOS?
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Re: G550 fan problem

I am experiencing the exact same problem - and have the exact same computer - as far as I can see. Pretty annoying, I have only had it for about a week and have not really installed any programs besides Word, Excel, AVG and Ad-Aware. I only use it for Word, Excel, and going on the internet, and it is extremely annoying that the fan turns on every 20 seconds and blows for about 10 seconds. Hopefully someone has a solution for this...

Punch Card
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Re: G550 fan problem

Dear friends,


It's looks normal operation temperature between 40c to 70c depend software u are using.


On my experiance, when the temperature not high, fan will stop, and will start and off.


the fan will auto on and off because energy saving, when hot then will start the cooling fan.


if u play game, cpu will process more and heat, u try check u play game for 15 minit, see the fan always on or not. and check the temperature. for what i know, intel cpu limit of temperature is about 100c ....

Nicholas K.H.Chai
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Paper Tape
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Re: G550 fan problem

Hi my name's Robert, I'm from Poland and i have a problem with fan too, I bought my Lap 2 weeks ago and after 5 days use the problem shows me very often and my question is it is the hardware or software(bios) problem? Please someone answer me. 



I send my g550 to lenovo service in Poland and we'll see what they do with that problem.

Punch Card
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Re: G550 fan problem


I'm Fouad from Palestine and I bought the same laptop Lenovo G550

and I have fan problem ,, it's maybe save power but it's too disturbing and I'm upset with this case

I try to find a solution but I didn't find any thing please help me ??

What's DOS?
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Re: G550 fan problem

Me too have also the same problem with my new Lenovo G550. The CPU fan switches on an off with very short intervals, 3-5 seconds, very annoying indeed. I am afraid that the fan gets worn out in advance with this crazy behavior.


I would be very happy if anyone came up with a solution to this problem. 

Punch Card
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Re: G550 fan problem


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Community SuperMod
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Re: G550 fan problem

fuadfih wrote:



Welcome to the forum!  Please don't shout.

While there are a few Lenovo employees roaming around in here helping out on a volunteer basis, this is not an official support channel with dedicated Lenovo support personnel assigned to it. Instead, this is designed to be a user-to-user support and discussion forum. You may or may not get an answer directly from one of the Lenovo employees as there are way more of us than them and all of them, even Mark, have full-time jobs doing other things.


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Paper Tape
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Re: G550 fan problem

Hi all,


I have the exact same problem and after an extensive search on the web, I have some bad news! Unless Lenovo releases a new bios with a finer fan management, we are stuck with that problem.

As I understand it, we have no PWM (pulse width management) on our motherboard and thus the fan speed is either at full speed,  ~half speed or stopped, instead of having a finer control. Furthermore, the algorithm is implemented with small intervals, switching too fast between two threshold (5° instead of 10° optimally). And the worst thing, which is really getting on my nerves right now, is the lack of hysteresis management (as soon as a threshold is crossed, either way, the speed changes immediately).

Let me know if I'm wrong here but I'm pretty sure about it.


I'll try replacing the fan with a quieter one but I still didn't found a compatible one. I suggest in the mean time that all of us with the same problem write to Lenovo for a bios release! (but don't count too much on it)





Punch Card
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Re: G550 fan problem



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