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German fingerprint software translation

The German translation of the fingerprint software is just awful. In the logon menu of Vista it says:

"Bitte schlagen Sie Ihren Finger auf den Sensor drein!"
(english: "Please punch your finger into the sensor!")

I would appreciate it if at least this line could be translated correctly ("Bitte scannen Sie jetzt Ihren Finger ein!").

Another possible solution I would accept, is that someone tells me how I can change the language of the software.

By the way, the Client Security Solution download is not available, please fix it.


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Re: German fingerprint software translation

re Translations; I agree, they can be sometimes a source of amusement Smiley Wink
re. Language, see this thread especially the posts from vkyr



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Re: German fingerprint software translation


change the following, this will change the fingerprint language to english - anything else will remain unaffected!

Systemsteuerung - Regions- und Sprachoptionen - Verwaltung - Sprache für Unicode-inkompatible Programme - Systemgebietschema ändern... - Aktuelles Gebietschema - Englisch (USA)

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Language used in fingerprint sensor software very funny (german version)


when the fingerprint sensor software wants me to put my finger on, I can read some funny german sentences, advising me.

Translated it means somthing like: "beat your finger on the sensor"

I don´t know who did the translation, but he is just as good in german as I am in english.

If someone from LENOVO reads this, ha can contact me, so I can make a suggestion for a correct translation.







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