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HDD Master/User passwords on Lenovo V320 17IKB (81CN0009MH)

Hello there,


I ran into some trouble with my brandnew Lenovo Notebook. I had some trouble running Lenovo Service Bridge, and Lenovo Vantage pushed me immediatly to a firmware update. Somehow the SATA-controller was switched from AHCI to Intel RST Premium, I checked the BIOS when I bought this Notebook and it was set to AHCI by default. I even loaded the default settings before running the firmware update. Well, Lenovo repaired my Notebook for free, new HDD and new Motherboard the repair protocol sais, no charge.


So I got the Notebook back in a week, everything okay I guess, but the SATA-controller was set to Intel RST Premium. So I let Windows restart in Safemode and switched the controller to AHCI, started up Windows and restart it up into normal mode.


There is only 1 HDD on this Notebook, so absolutely no reason to set the SATA-controller to RAID-mode. Unless you're planning to use Bitlocker, because Bitlocker in RAID-mode is or was not supported. According to the Intel website Bitlocker is supported using Intel Optane memorymodules (formerly knows as Rapid Start or Smart Response Technology) when you set an HDD password.


So I switched the SATA controller to AHCI, set BIOS Masterpassword, no Userpassword because I'm the only user, and the set HDD Master- and Userpassword. I couldn't set only the Masterpassword without a Userpassword according to the BIOS.


My question is, everything seems to be working except some smaller issues I hope, do I have to log in before logging in to Windows with the Masterpassword once?


Kind Regards,





Mr not sir

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