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Hidden Partition for Rescue and Recovery suddenly appeared on My Computer

Hello to everyone viewing this forum. I'm from the Philippines, and this is my first time posting in the forums. I bought my Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook from Singapore, and it's over a year old now.


Well, we all know that the built-in ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery program gives us a last resort when our laptops fail, and we all know that the hard drive partition where it resides is in a partition that is hidden, right? Well here's my problem..


I encountered a Windows problem which made me use a borrowed Windows operating system disk to repair it (via Windows startup repair), as although I have created recovery media already, I still want to back-up my data before that. Now after I have gone through the Windows Startup Repair service, and when I logged on, I was surprised to see the supposed to be hidden partition now appearing in My Computer! And as if that's not enough, when I try to boot Rescue and Recovery via the Lenovo Care button, it doesn't work anymore! Neither can I make Rescue and Recovery medium (Create Rescue Media on the Internal Hard drive) as it gives the following error:


"The Files required for creating the rescue media cannot be found."


And when I try to make Rescue Media on a CD/DVD:


"An internal error has caused this process to fail."


I would like to ask all you kind people here for your help with this issue.

I'm considering backing up all files I need via the Rescue and Recovery workspace, but since I can't access R&R I'm considering manually backing up the files I need via external storage devices, and my another question is that would my Product Recovery disks still work even though I can't access the R&R partition? This is my reserve plan in case I won't be able to fix the issue about the not-so-hidden partition, and I wouldn't want to lose my factory install reserves in that case...


Hope for your prompt reply!


~Jb Aquino


L3000 N100 Core2 T5800 | 2.5GB RAM | 120GB HDD | Intel GMA 950

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