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Fanfold Paper
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How to calibrate 3000 n100 battery?

Does anyone know the process to calibrate the battery on a 3000 n100? My battery jumps to 0% and beeps but i am still able to run the computer for a while. Those beeps drive me crazy.
Paper Tape
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Re: How to calibrate 3000 n100 battery?


I have the same problem with 3000 C100 battery. Does anybody knows how to recalibrated the battery? Discharging and charging doesn't work.


Thanks for advise.

Retired Guru
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Re: How to calibrate 3000 n100 battery?

Try my method posted here:

(Bios setup may be F1)

If it does not help, you may need a new battery.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: How to calibrate 3000 n100 battery?

Hi there...

I am a retired IBM/Lenovo engineer specialising in the C-series and dead batteries are not unusual! Let's get some things straight first?

1) We built most of the Lenovo/ThinkPad series to take specific batteries designed and built for our systems. They have special added function that handshakes with the microcode, BIOS and software to give a wide range of battery information and control.

2) They used to be very expensive (>£60) but lately there are a lot of genuine ones at much lower prices. I bought two on eBay for just £20 only 6 weeks ago?

3) You have every right to use a competitive/alternate battery but no-one in IBM or Lenovo can or will comment on whether they are suitable, will work correctly or will last very long.

4) I CAN say that I have 'tested' several 'alternative' batteries and not a single one worked as I would have hoped! I will say no more since there are many I did not test?

5) I am not sure what the concept of 'conditioning a battery is'? A battery is an object that holds a charge. Over time its ability to hold a charge reduces to some minimum close to zero? Some batteries 'die' much more quickly than others. Other last much longer of course.

6) Many die because they have been discharged for a considerable time or they have been shorted out in some way and done an irreparable damage?

7) If you have one that ONLY displays 'zero' this is can be because a) It is as dead as the John Cleese and Michael Palin parrot!! b) It has no function that the PC microcode/BIOS can measure c) There is a fault in the PC base code and it can no longer measure the battery.

8) Let us be 'Nerd Sherlock' for a while? My suggestions are a) Try the battery in another C100 that you KNOW shows good charge? b) Borrow a battery from another C100? c) Buy a new battery and know that this is good! (Make sure it IS NEW! I reported a seller to eBay that sold C100 batteries as 'new' and were clearly 'used'. You can usually tell an old one because it does not come in the original box and the gold contacts show signs of wear. Even installing the battery a single time causes marks on the contacts?)

9) Finally.... Ensure the battery is genuine! On the rear it will have the Lenovo logo top-left, the turquoise Li-ion label bottom-right and a 22-digit barcode? The ASM should be 92P1179 with a FRU of 92P1180. I have never found a non-Lenovo battery with the turquoise label?

10) Best suggestion? Dump your current one and buy a new Lenovo one? You will be surprised at how much additional info you get once you install the Lenovo Power Management Driver from

Good luck?


Paper Tape
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Re: How to calibrate 3000 n100 battery?

Thank you for yours advices. I tried the Duck3's method (discharging and charging) and it doesn’t work. It's the same state as before.

When discharging it jumps from 99% to 7, 4, 3, ,0%. From 99 to 7 it takes aprox. 20 min. From 7 to 0 aprox. 30 min and than to shut down more than 1 hour.

When charging it takes a long time to charge to 4% and than it jumps to 99%.


So my conclusion is that the battery is not so bad but the measurements have to be calibrated.


Ad 8) Unfortunately I haven’t access to another C100 or the battery to try.


Ad 9) The battery is genuine, but he FRU is 92P1182 and the ASM is 92P1181.


Ad 10) I installed the power manager (execute the downloaded exe file and than execute the setup file), restarted my computer, but didn’t find any new feature. Where should I looking for? My OS is XP sp3


Thanks a lot.

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