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Ideapad N581 Static Shock

Over the past week, my laptop and peripherals have been giving me shocks when it's running. While they don't seem to affect programs, every time they happen, my monitor will black out for a second, and a popping sound can be heard through the speakers or headphones.


Usually these shocks come when plugging things in, but also when I change the volume on my external speakers. My initial thought was the speakers, but it also happens with headphones.


Can't really find much online about this kind of issue, so any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Ideapad N581 Static Shock

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !


Sorry to hear of your problem.  Do the static shocks happen when plugged into the adapter or when operating on the battery only?  If it is happening when plugged into the wall I would suggest plugging the laptop into a another wall outlet and see what happens.  Possibly a problem has developed with a particular wall outlet you have been using.


Given the time of the year and the heating season, possibly your indoor humidity is drier than normal.  With my desktop I have blown out more than one set of external speakers due to static shock in winter.  I now get in the habit of grounding myself first to my metal desktop tower before touching the external speaker controls.  Try using the laptop in a different environment like a library or other Internet available location that has a different humidity level.


If the shocks continue then I would recommend you have the laptop looked at by Lenovo or any service center if your warranty is no longer an issue.  The shocks are not only a discomfort, but you run the risk of blowing out a component or the laptop itself.  The service technician can then check to see if the adapter, the charger port and the laptop itself is operating properly.


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