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Ideapad wont turn on

I have been having the problem for about a month now. When i notised it wasn't chargeing i tried everything to fix it googling the problem until the battery finaly died. I sent it to Lenovo Repair depot and after 2 weeks it came back.

On the Action report it said they repaired the problem i had with No Power so they replaced the Mainboard, and top cover. It also said that my laptop passed all functional tests.


I turned on my laptop after reading the Repair Action Report and it had Low battery so i Plugged in the charger and it wasn't charging then after a few minutes it died and everytime i press the power button the battery LED flashes orange meaning it needs to be charged but it WONT CHARGE im stuck the Lenovo Repair Depot Failed to repair this problem and im am about to just salvage this laptop becuase nothing can fix this issue PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

Bit Torrent
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Re: Ideapad wont turn on

Granting that they have made those repairs then it could be possible that the charger is defective or you just have to charge the battery first before using the unit.

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Re: Ideapad wont turn on

You can use cheapo electronic multimeter to measure the voltage on the AC adapters plug (obviously the one that goes to the laptop, not the wall plug Smiley Wink ). Be careful not to short "+" and "-" though. If there won't be any voltage (should be ~19V) means your charger is dead. If there will be right voltage it still doesn't cross out the possibility that the charger is dead.

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