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Installed Memory 1.5 GB but showing 512 MB is usable

by on ‎03-06-2011 06:08 PM (1,983 Views)


I have Lenovo 3000 N 100 Series: OS windows 7 32 bit professional Service Pack 1..  I have installed 1.5 GB memory in my laptop but when I go to my computer and its properties its shows that Installed memory 1.5 GB (512 MB Usable) why is it showing like that?




Visit the site and check the maximum supported memory configuration.  If the installed ammount is equal to or less than the maximum config, check the amount shown in BIOS.


Press F1 or appropriate function key to enter BIOS when starting the system.  Check the amount of memory shown in BIOS matches the amount installed.  If not, try installing one module at a time to verify each is recognized.


If one module is not recognized in either socket, confirm the memory is the apporopriate speed for the system.

Once all modules are recognized and show correctly in BIOS, check to see if there is a maximum memory setting in BIOS.


Check the advanced boot options.
1. Go to Start, in the search bar type msconfig and press enter.
2. System Configuration window will open on the screen.
3. Click on tab named "boot".
4. Click on "Advanced Options" and uncheck the box for "Maximum Memory".

After booting to Windows, check the memory displayed in system properties.  32bit versions of Windows will not recognize more than 4GB of memory.  Systems with integrated video subsystems will reserve memory for video, futher reducing the available amount shown in the OS.  

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