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What's DOS?
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Keyboard Not Working

Late on Saturday I noticed that several keys on my keyboard have stopped working. The original keys where the space, enter and backspace key.


I rebooted to see if that would solve the problem, ran virus and spyware checkers. Ran PC Doctor to check what keys where working.  I have upgraded the bios to the latest version and this made the problem worse  as now the F5, F9, F10, Up arrow and left arrow keys are not working.  I therefore found an external keyboard (which I am typing on now) to connect to the machine via a USB port so I can use it.


The notebook is a 3000 N200 Type 0769 BMG running Windows XP and Fedora Linux. The keys do not work in either operating system and I have no idea what to do next.

Punch Card
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

Just want to check with u ,


who advise you to upgrade the BIOS - keyboard not function it's related with BIOS ?


my suggestion before u upgrade BIOS, it's better u boot from a cd to DOS and test all keyboard working or not, if it's working on DOS, mean may be your OS Problem. If disturb BIOS, may be have more difficulty to recover back to original BIOS if the upgrade version not compatible with current system.



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What's DOS?
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

I have 2 operating systems on my laptop - I dual boot. The laptop keyboard is not working in either operating system and with the boot loader indicating it is not an operating system problem.


I also do not have a boot CD. The laptop comes with a recovery partition to recover windows. 


The only way I can use the laptop is by attaching an external keyboard which is connected via a USB port.


 Additionally before I posted this I did an internet search and found a few people had similar problems with other Lenovo laptops.


The advice they were given included clean the keyboard, and make sure the bios and drivers where up to date. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

I turned my laptop upside down to reveal the serial number and then turned it around.


The keyboard is now not working at all. This indicates that it's not a software problem.


Anyway as my laptop is still under warranty it will be returned for servicing. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

Please can you let me know if you managed to fix your keyboard, as the exact same thing has happened to mine. Many thanks Caroline
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

@ OFadero,


it sounds as though your keyboard cable has become detached. As the keyboard is not a CRU (Customer Replaceable Unit) you are not allowed to fix this yourself. If there is a Service Partner near you ask them to do this for you, it should take about 15 minutes top.


@ Cazzalynn,


are you able to test using an USB keyboard as OFadero did? It certainly sounds as though you are suffering the same problem. Do you also have warranty on your system?

PS: I moved you other thread as it can also be discussed here.





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Re: Keyboard Not Working

Has anyone solved this Lenovo keyboard problem.


Last year I bought a replacement keyboard  -  cost about 100 bucks with post etc.    


This was  after nearly 3 years use of the original one so I didnt  mind too much:


However the problem has now recurred after just 10 months.


Seems to be a serious design fault  -  any chance of  compensation  /  free keyboards from Lenovo ? 

What's DOS?
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

I saw this and I had to say something. I bought a brand new Lenovo Desktop and it is great except for the keyboard. Sorry but the keyboard was just cheap and nasty. It was only 2 months old when the backspace key stopped working but from day one it was a very stubborn keyboard to use. I had to hit keys repeatedly to get them to work. I went out and bought a $15 Logitech keyboard and even that is 100 times better than the keyboard that came with the computer.


Also one more thing, why are Lenovo keyboards so noisy ? My wife used to be able to hear me typing from upstairs! 

What's DOS?
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

I have the very same issue with a 3000 N200 Type 0769 running XP and Linux Mint.

Only a handful of keys still work, all others are non-responsive. This either under XP or under Linux. 

Keyboard doesn't work navigating through the BIOS either. Connecting a USB keyboard does the trick: no problems. 

I therefore conclude it's a hardware issue. 

Purchased a NEW keyboard, installed it and... SAME issue. Same keys not working. 

Read that reinstalling/upgrading the BIOS firmware helps. Reinstalled and downgraded. To no avail. 


Problem appeared after spilling a few drops of water (literally a few drops) on the keyboard. Stopped PC, removed battery, put it upside down for 12 hours.. and .. voila.


So, it's not software, it's not the keyboard. What is it then? Am speechless.


Any help appreciated.


What's DOS?
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Re: Keyboard Not Working

Ok, I hope that someone might still be paying attention to this thread, because I have a very similar problem, except I know that mine is VERY likely to be software.  For me my backspace, enter, \, and space bar are not working.  Fortunately the problematic system is no longer my primary as due to it's age it has been replaced and is currently just my media/backup machine, hence my ability to type this post.  As for the reason why I think that it is a software problem, the problematic keys work in the bios, in a Linux distribution off on a bootable CD, and even in a reloaded XP up until some yet to be identified update or software install has been added.  As for the installed software all that I have added since reinstalling the OS has been the system drivers, tweakUI, Norton Antivirus 2011 and Google Chrome, the last of which have been uninstalled without any change.  I have even checked to see if it was an updated keyboard driver, but the driver is the, presumably, original driver from 2001. The problem gets even weirder, as I had had a similar issue which miraculously was fixed by pulling the keyboard out and reseating the cable connector.  This confused me, as for the last year this system has sat in one place, barely being moved and so not having anything happen to it that should have unseated this connector.  By the way this system is obviously out of warranty (I hope that does not prevent anyone from trying to help me) and I am a computer technician by trade so I was not concerned about voiding the warranty.  After reseating the connector the system worked for about a month and then these new issues appeared.  So if anyone has any ideas I would REALLY appreciate it, it is possible that the system is just finally wearing out, but this just does not seem likely to me, I really think that it is some update, I just have no idea which one  Oh, as a last note, I can access the system via RDP and that works just fine..  

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