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Truthfully, I don't know that we will have alternative numbers available.
I think the bottom line is that we need to get you recovery CDs or DVDs for your system to put it back as it came from the factory. 
I can try to get support in Spain to connect with you through your email and will look into this tommorow - as you can imagine, this could take a bit of time and I know you have your 20th deadline.
To speed this up, can you PM me your location information - where the CDs would need to be sent.
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Hi Mark
many thanks in advance,  I called the support line the put me through to the support in Glasgow for English speakers.
The support engineer gave me an email, I repeated the email address to him 3 times yet still the email that has been send (see below) has bounced 3 times with different versions. So I was progressing until this happened.

Further  to this ....
>Also I will need 2 parts for my laptop the Plastic piece that allows me to slide and open my laptop
>Also the piece that allows me to eject my wireless card from the side.
Any suggested greatly appreciated.

Here is the email  that was sent 3 times to the support engineers in Glasgow.

Good morning,


I spoke with the support dept. in Glasgow and had explained 

I bought the laptop in PC world in L'Illa in Barcelona Feb. 2007

I have received a virus with the last 3 weeks, had a local engineer sweep and clean the Laptop

But I have since then lost all usability and icons that I do require to utilise this Laptop to the max

The following is missing>


Lenovo Care all usability missing including icons

Thinkvantage icons and Wifi setting

Finger sensory in start up

And Manuals  or upgrades would be a plus too!


It is very import that i have the recovery disk, also that it is important that I have the option for ENGLISH.

Please can send all recovery disk to the following address>

Alison Sam
   c/ Berga 20
   Principal 4
   Barcelona,  08012




Product support

Product: 3000 N100 0768-49G [ change]

Operating system: Windows XP [ change]

Original description: T2300(1.66GHz), 512MB RAM, 80GB 5400rpm HD, 15.4in 1280x800 LCD, Intel 950, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth/Modem, 10/100 Ethernet, IEEE 1394, Fingerprint reader, Camera, 6c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Home


Please not that I will be in London from 20th  Dec. 5th Jan, then I shall return to Barcelona for a 1 week.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


Kind regards


Alison Sam


I wonder!
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Re: Update

IBM United Kingdom Limited
69 Buchanan Street
G1 3HL
Telephone: 0141 314 3815
Fax 0141 314 3805

Maybe calling there might clear up the email-problem.
They seem to look like:
Punch Card
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Hi Mark
Any news on my last request, as i am now in the UK and I shall be returning to Barcelona shortly.
Kind regards
I wonder!

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