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Fanfold Paper
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Laptop won't turn on - 3 beeps

My Lenovo laptop (Lenovo 3000 N200 type 0769) will not turn on.  When I hit the power button, the fan starts, and I hear a series of 1 long and 2 short beeps.  IBM ( suggests that the RAM, LCD, or system board is compromised.


Reseating and swapping the RAM did not help the problem, neither did connecting an external monitor before turning the computer on.  So, I think the motherboard is fried.  I know I have an nVidia graphics card but I don't know the specific model and can't easily find the information right now.  The problem sounds identical to that experienced by many t61p users and described here:  My laptop was purchased in summer 2007.  All of these symptoms and dates match up perfectly with those experienced by the t61p users. 


Have any other N200 users experienced this?  Because my system is out of warranty and is NOT a t61p, Lenovo customer service (ie the Atlanta phone office)  would not offer to fix the problem for free as they have for others.


Any advice?  I'm not going to pay $600 for a new motherboard when I could salvage the HD and get a new HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc, with better spec for only $500.



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Re: Laptop won't turn on - 3 beeps

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This beep code can indicate multiple things as you note, and after you rule out the others, likely it is a GPU fail.   We've not seen abnormal failure rates on the the 3000 series systems in this way and so there is no extended service provision outside of warranty in place.


I would agree, that given the age of the system, that the quoted $500-$600 part price may not make sense when you could buy a whole new system (at a now superior technology point) for similar money.


Generally, I would suggest that you might look up the FRU for the system board via the parts list for your particular model on our support site and do a quick search on ebay or through a general search engine.  There are probably a number of 3rd parties selling these boards at a deep discount.  (I believe the system board FRU# is 41R7887 in your case)


Please also see my reply to your PM.


Sorry this happened.


Best regards,



What's DOS?
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Re: Laptop won't turn on - 3 beeps

My Lenovo 3000 N200 wont turn.  I hold the power button down, I hear the fan kick in and the screen stays blank.  Sometimes after many many times turning off and on it will actually reboot for some reason.   I did notice the last time i managed to get the laptop turned on my DVD drive was no longer available which i dont understand.  Is there a way to diagnose the problem?



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Laptop won't turn on - 3 beeps

I had this exactly same problem with exactly same lennovo laptop. and guess what, it happened just after one month of 1-year warranty expired. and lennovo clearly refused to fix it. as it was out of warranty.


I was heartbroken as a beautifull laptop only one year old died because of stupid chip from nividia and lenovo didnt bothered at all.


how the heck lenovo can explain this. new laptop died on 13th month of purchase???!!!!


I was left with no option other than put laptop in cupboard!!!!


Then, I bought new Apple Mac Book- a quality notebook, cause I was impressed by their service, they offered me free repair on my iphone earlier, though it was out of warranty. also apple replaced my broken charger free of cost for macbook eventhough my macbook was just out of warranty that month.


I was looking into my cupboard today and saw laptop lying there. what should i do with it?? thought if anybody found solution.. is lenovo taking them back mark?

lenovo have no customer service in Ireland. I called their phone line somewhere in poland and then he asked me to call on UK number...I was going in circles? is it still same for Ireland??

Hence that lenovo laptop lying dead in my house, I ll never buy lenovo product again in my life neither my next generation and honestly advised everyone  I know, NOT TO buy lenovo product.


Rant Over........




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Re: Laptop won't turn on - 3 beeps

If the NVIDIA chip fails, it's NVIDIA fault because it'a a hardware manufacturer. Lenovo only integrate components to provide you a fully working system.


A few time ago, NVIDIA released a driver who burned out a hugh quantity of VGAs. Yeah, you read right. A driver who BURNED OUT AND RUINED A LOT OF VGAs.


My advice: never put a shirt of a company. Always follow your instincts.


Lenovo, HP, Apple, etc... all made their producs on China...


Best regards.

First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Laptop won't turn on - 3 beeps

hi guys. just recently I was reading on net people who wrapped their laptop in blanket and let them heated for 30 minutes and laptop started after. 

(I m writing NOW at lenovo 3000n200 laptop)

so I did same to my laptop and presto it started! i just cudnt believe it. the laptop was lying dead in cupboard almost year and half and it started with 'heat trick'.  


but its temporary fix and it did same beeps, when I try to restart. so it happened again long beep and short beeps.


Again I put in blanket and it started again. so now its been 200% sure its problem with GPU system on board.


so now its working here and there, it could restart after shutting down or may not.. only laptop decides!!!


I read HP, Dell, apple all are giving refunds or fixing faulty chips free...didnt read about lenovo


should i file court case in ireland through small courts against lenovo or nvidia??? 


any help pls??


Fanfold Paper
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lenovo representation after nvidia starts paying out for faulty chips

Hi all


I bought lenovo 3000 n200(Geforce 7300 chip) in april 2008, with one year warranty. in june 2009 laptop screen starts showing fizzy pictures without any reason, then in june 2009 laptop dead. 


-press power button: long beep, 2 short beeps.. no display,. still could hear windows starting etc.

-called lenovo, they said it could be motherboard but I ll be paying for repairs as out of warranty. and cost of the reapairing was more than 300 euros. didnt bothered left the laptop in cupboard, bought new Apple mac book.


then I read all about nvidia faulty chips and reflow of GPU etc..recently I read how to start laptop using 'wrapping method' 

so i took out laptop from cupboard, turned it on, left it on and wrapped it in blanket. 


after 30 minutes presses the power off button and shut it down and presses it again to start. surprise!!! laptop started normally, screen came on. I just coudnt believe it..


so now its 200% certain that its problem with GPU, and little heat make it running again. 

and i reinstalled fresh windows. it started fine then but again did not start again after few hours. same beeps no display.. again wrapped in blanket for 30 minutes, started again fine.


so its only temporary fix, GPU needs 'reflow' thing. and its fault with nvidia GPU.


so what should i do? 

will lenovo represent customer with faulty chip on their laptops? and provide solution?

did lenovo recall or repaired laptop with geforce 7300 chips in their laptops?

its not what laptop model,  its problem with the faulty chip.. am I in any luck here? 

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