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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo 3000 n100 0768-04U laptop hard drive replacement

Good news here as well. Started off with a major glitch using DriveImage XML. Restored image would not boot. May have been something i had done during the restore process, so i wont blame DriveImage.

I decided to give Macrium Reflect Free a shot. I looked at Easeus Diskcopy but i didn't feel like burning the ISO, so i went with Macrium.

Wow fast is an understatement with this software. I put the old 80GB HD in a USB dock i have and it created the image file in 7 minuets 44 seconds.

I then popped in the new 320GB drive in the same USB dock and restored the image and increased the partition size in 13 minuets 45 seconds. I have to wonder how much quicker things would have gone if it weren't for the USB bottleneck.

DriveImage XML took over 1/2 hr. to create and another 1/2 hr. to restore using the same USB dock.


The WD Black 320GB drive is quiet as a whisper and seems quieter than the Fujitsu drive it replaced.

I didn't run any speed tests before or after, but im not seeing a huge difference going from a 5400 RPM drive to this 7200 RPM.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo 3000 n100 0768-04U laptop hard drive replacement


I used Laplink PCmover. It was a superb little program and it just worked. I replaced the old 120 drive with a 300.

The computer works very well but only recognises 111 gigs of the 300gig drive. Maybe i need a bios update? appart from that it works well.

Hope this helps.



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