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Lenovo E31-70 - Should i Buy it? Particular Questions & HandsOn/Reviews wanted!

Hey Guys,

i'm about to get a new Budget-(Sub)Notebook, and the E31-70 Series looks quite tempting. But it seems there are not many reviews/handson around, basically i just found one on - and somehow it sounds a bit too upbeat to me ;-)
So, maybe there are users of that series around, and can share some of their Reallife-impressions?

- Display? I read thats its not the brightest one, but how does it feel in daily use? The review on is on the FullHD Version, and the given maximum luminance there should be okay for me. But i couldnt find any information about the HD (=1366x768) Version and its Brightness. On top, do you encounter ScreenFlickering due to PWM?

- WiFi? How is the Reception and Quality? There is a Thread here, stating that already 6m away from the AP the Reception is poor to none. Of course thats a no-go. Is it a general issue, or rather a individual hardware-failure? Do you know how many antennas are built in, and if it uses Mimo? Can i expect (theoretical) 150mbit or even more on Wifi N?

- GB-Lan? Can you confirm it runs on 1000? On different sources, i find different information.

Alright, these are my three biggest Questions. Of course im grateful for any other impression, good ones, or things to keep in mind... Thanks in advance for helping me out! :-)

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