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Lenovo N500 - No Output on HDMI port after updating BIOS

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Started ‎11-25-2010 by
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Lenovo N500 - No Output on HDMI port after updating BIOS

by on ‎11-25-2010 03:00 PM (10,122 Views)


I have Lenovo N500 42334CG that provided lovely HDMI ouput when connected via HDMI cable to LCD t.v.   Today I tried to connect again but alas there's no video / audio on T.V. from the Lenovo HDMI, tried to switch HDMI sockets on my TV with no success. BIOS reported by Lenovo diganostics is 6GET19ww (for non-HDMI),  Could it be that an inappropriated BIOS update was installed on my Lenovo such that doesn't support the HDMI output port anymore ?  



This Bios version 1.10 (6GET19WW) package is only for non-HDMI Platform on Lenovo N500 or Lenovo G530 (Type: 4446). If other G530 system (Type: 4151) flash this bios package by accident, it will cause "No HDMI Function" side-effect. But, you can flash back to previous Bios version by downloading the according Bios packages from Lenovo website.


Customers who have systems with HDMI should use BIOS 1.09 (6GET19WW)


Both versions are available for download on the support site here.

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The Thinkvantage Setup install the worng BIOS in my Lenovo N500 (4233-3JS)  and now i cant boot Windows XP, what can i do, is there a BIOS Flash Utility to install the old bios?