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Lenovo N580 - Cover above fan vent popping up

My laptop's base cover is starting to pop up, sorta like the picture below. When I try to open my laptop, the cover starts to pop up, and whenever I try to see what I can do, the fan starts to make some loud "fan" noises. I've had this laptop for 3 years so far, but the Hard Drive had died the first year, but I recently fixed it with a new Hard Drive, so I had to fix up all the drivers and software. I had never gotten a warranty, so I can't get a repair, and I don't have the money to get a repair. I'm really afraid for it to die, and I don't have anything else to fallback onto unless it does die. 

If anyone has a fix or anything that can help me out, even a temporary fix, anything would be appericiated greatly

 Same type of problem I have.

In that thread, someone had fixed it with some glue and reseated screws, but I really don't want to risk anything big, since I have no clue what screws to fix and which ones to not


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Re: Lenovo N580 - Cover above fan vent popping up

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !


Sorry to hear of the problem with the case opening up.  From what you have described and pictured, my guess is that the hinge is either loose or has broken loose from its mounting.  When the lid is opened there is nothing securing the left side hinge so the hinge turns and pushes up the palm rest top cover.  Since the heat sink fan is also located near the left hinge a piece of the assembly, when the top cover is moved, must be coming in contact with the fan blades and thus causing the noise. 


As for the repair, it is difficult to say what needs to be replaced or what can be fix without personally viewing the laptop.  I would see if there is a local computer repair shop that could look the laptop over and give you an estimate for the fix.  Your laptop is old enough where used parts are available on eBay and that would help hold down the cost.  I'm guessing at the minimum that you would need to replace at least the base cover for the laptop.

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