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Lenovo V310-15 - where can I find Lenovo Software?


I've just got my Lenovo V310-15 laptop and installed Windows 10 on it. From product support page I downloaded and installed Lenovo Utility, and there is nothing more. So, after installing it nothing happened. Only when i trigger CapsLk or Num Lock an information on screen appears. But, I want to have an ability to other options such as energy managment and allowing battery charging only to 80% for example.

I know that this model is new and maybe not popular, but please add these programs and features like for other devices.


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Re: Lenovo V310-15 - where can I find Lenovo Software?

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !


Lenovo Utility only adds the on-screen display for the NUMlock and CAPSlock.  For charging management of the battery you need to download and install the Lenovo Settings app from the Windows Store.  Just visit the Windows Store and do a search on "Lenovo" to quickly find it.  Once Lenovo Settings is installed, reboot your computer.  Then open the Lenovo Settings app and click on the battery icon on the left side menu.  This will open the battery screen on the right.  About half way down that page will be the option for Conservation Mode for setting the charging  limit. 


I'm not sure what other energy management options you are looking for, but the previous Energy Management utilities used on older versions of Windows are no longer compatible with Windows 10.

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Re: Lenovo V310-15 - where can I find Lenovo Software?

Also download the Lenovo companion app from the windows store.

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