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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo V570 - Power Manager -Issue NO BATTERY IS INSTALLED??

I think I made the same mistake as heyarnold did quite some time ago.


I mixed up THINK pad with IDEA pad.....and for some reason, can't remember why, I downloaded the Power Manager program believing it was compatible with my V570.


Some kind of misbehaviour led me to do enough additional research that I discovered it was NOT a compatible I UNINSTALLED it.............BUT......I've been getting a strange error dialogue box that comes up ever since then.


The error box is entitled Power Manager.....and inside it, it says "An error occurred while loading resource DLL"......and it pops up every time I open the Control Panel.......and whenever I navigate around inside the control panel.


It's annoying, even though I can exit out of it by clicking on OK or the x in the corner.


Once in awhile, though, it seems to crash my Windows Explorer.....which is VERY annoying.


What is the best way to get rid of this? (Some have suggested REinstalling the program then UNinstalling it again.....more carefully, however that would be done.)


Thoughts? Ideas?


Thanks for any tips.



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