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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo e49 running for uncertain minutes then reboots



I'm facing this weird problem with my Lenovo e49 laptop from last few days.

I was using it and it suddenly turns off then reboots but before it could load windows it turns off and reboots again, and it keeps doing this. 

So I turned off it by power button and let it stay off for fews hours and then turned it on, this time it runs and load windows, but after few minutes of running it turned off and tries to reboot.



What I observed in few days is that if let it stay off for couple of hours it give me 2-3 minutes of running time. But if try to on it continuasly it will run for only few seconds. It not even run BIOS, so can't check memory for any problem.


I thought it is having a heating problem, but temperatures normal. I still cleaned it up and applied thermal compound. But it didn't work. 


PS: sorry for bad English! 

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo e49 running for uncertain minutes then reboots

You will have to go into Event Viewer and view the logs. Footprints may show the error/fault.

Google search "How to use Windows Event Viewer".

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