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Lenovo v310 -15IKB Freezes again

Well, since no one had replied to my previous question, i will ask again.
Firstly, how many time do i have to start a new topic to get noticed?
My 1month old laptop freezes constantly, i don't know what is happening, checked everything related to the updates, drivers, errors, viruses, scans and that stuff, laptop doesn't have heating issues, app crashing, slowdowns... Did the lenovo slution center scans, it is all good. I heard from the other members that replacing motherboard wont solve the problem, so dont try that, i am asking you what else can i do? i cannot even browse the internet, play YT videos,I simply dont have time to waste, reinstalled win10, updtated to the latest bios and even that wont help, so i' am assuming that my device is faulty. How am i supposed to do my job, when i have unstable laptop? I am wondering will you replay this time, and please don't tell me to run lenovo solution center, or to update drivers, or to reinstall windows for the 4th time. I've had enough of it.

Looking forward to your reply,
Kind regards Smiley Happy

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Re: Lenovo v310 -15IKB Freezes again

Hi Milan,


Welcome to Lenovo Forums


 I am sorry to hear that the new laptop that you got frequently freezes even after performing all the updates and i am surprised to hear that even after re-installing the windows it didn’t work. Since you have tried most of the troubleshooting steps i would suggest you to please contact the nearest service center and they would assist you further.


Hope the above information helps and please let us know how you go about.


Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!





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Re: Lenovo v310 -15IKB Freezes again

Dear mr Rhamizz,
Thank you for the reply,
I hope you understand the frustration im having here, the problem persists even on  Ubuntu, so operating system is not an issue.  Didn't expect that from a brand new laptop. After i get in touch with the official service center, i'll keep you posted.
Kind regards.

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Re: Lenovo v310 -15IKB Freezes again

@Rhamizz Lenovo Service Center is useless because they replace the motherboard but the freezes still occur. Can you please tell us if someone is working on a new BIOS version for V310 and V510 that would address the freezing?

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Re: Lenovo v310 -15IKB Freezes again

I assume you have  the latest version 2WCN29W which adresses next issues:

  1. Update 2WEC22WW EC version to fix battery can't charge problem.
  2. Set Always On USB default is disable.
    I am 100% sure, someone from the staff, told us that this update can fix the freezing issue. But there is not such a statement in the update that adresses freezing. As you said, it would be nice if they can confirm new version of BIOS. I hope if they could release it and fix this annoying issue, btw i submited a snapshot from event viewer in the other thread regarding v510 freezing, no one responded.
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Re: Lenovo v310 -15IKB Freezes again

Moderator comment:

As all are participating in the larger thread:, this thread is now locked. Please continue there, as multiple threads only splinter the discussion.



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