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My lenovo 3000 N100 shutdown during work

Hello ,


I have buy a LENOVO 3000 N100 the 28 december 2006 in France


Today my 0768 BLG type computer shutdown during work but never at the same time ( 5 min after startup or 30 min after ! )


This problem come with or without battery ( I use the AC adaptor from lenovo )


Please can you help about this trouble ?




Best regards



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Re: My lenovo 3000 N100 shutdown during work



Random shutdowns could have a number of causes.  


A few suggestions.  Try to start up on battery with AC plugged in.  With system running, unplug the AC adapter and see if system continues to run.   If it shuts down immediately, then please see the battery tip at the top of this board, and check your battery.   These systems run best with a good battery installed and a number of users have observed erractic opperation when running the system solely from AC with no battery installed (because line voltages can fluctuate and cause unstable performance) or with a worn or disabled battery installed (which can cause issues as well) 


If the system continues to run with the AC unplugged, then your battery seems to be working.  Check your charge level in power manager and ensure your battery will charge properly.  I might also suggest checking the output of the DC adapter with a digital volt meter.  The output at the tip should be 16v-20v DC on the 20V range of the meter.


You could also try to reseat your memory, although this is less likely a cause.


Does the system seem warm?  Is the fan running appropriately?   Sometimes systems can get clogged with dust and overheat and shut down, although you have indicated random times for it shut down, so unless those short intervals like 5 mins occurred after a restart, it probably is not this issue, but worth checking.





Paper Tape
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Re: My lenovo 3000 N100 shutdown during work

Mark, I have a similar problem and it looks like others have as well based upon posts under the battery problem thread.


Purchased a 3000 N100 0768-DLU from Office Depot in October 2006...serial number L3-xxxxx.


I've run it mostly on power cord, so I don't know when it stopped operating on battery.  When I tried to run on battery 6-8 months ago, it wouldn't but the battery wasn't covered in the recall.  I've recently found and followed the posts about the battery issue, but now I'm past the 18 month deadline.


More recently, I've had to remove and replace the battery pack in order to start the laptop.  And within the last couple weeks, the laptop shuts off spontaneously within as little as 2-3 minutes of start up, whether the battery is in or not.


With the spontaneous shut-off issue, I'm very reluctant to buy a new battery with little confidence that the more serious recent symptoms will not persist.  It's hard for me to understand, even though I admit I'm not a techical wizard, how a battery problem causes spontaneous shut-off when the battery isn't even in the laptop.


Will Lenovo extend the battery replacement time frame to any batteries for this model?  I understand that batteries are consumable, but if the batteries in this model were problematic/defective, they were likely problematic/defective all along.


I have an extended warranty purchased through Office Depot, but when I consulted them months ago when the system simply wasn't operating on battery, their response was to buy a new battery.  Now I seem to be stuck between that response and Lenovo's 18 month deadline.


And beyond that, what would you advise I suggest to the extended warranty provider may be the issue?  Again, I'm not a technical wizard, but could this be a different hardware problem?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: My lenovo 3000 N100 shutdown during work

Dear Bernard/all,


I was having same problem from last couple of days. My battery had finished and i was running my machine on direct A/C power. Today i brought new battery from the market and since i replaced it, it started working fine. I am quite satisfied with my machine now. You should too replace the battery instead cleaning etc.


Thank you.

Hassan Kazmi

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Re: My lenovo 3000 N100 shutdown during work

I have a client with a Lenovo who has been experiencing this same issue and asked me to take a look at it.

From what I can tell,  the shutdown is caused when the Energycut software kicks in when the battery is dead or low charge.  This may be why a new battery will seem to resolve the problem... for a limited time.


For now, she simply removes the battery entirely and the laptop no longer shuts off.


She chose this option because it was a free fix.  If she returns with additional issues I will try to remove the Energycut program and registry information and see if that resolves it.  But so far it has been four weeks and removing the battery has worked.

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Re: My lenovo 3000 N100 shutdown during work

Hi I am experiencing the same problems as described by others. I bought my Lenovo 3000 N100 in June 2006. Seven months ago my battery stopped working. I started using my laptop on it's power supply only. It was fine for about 2 months. Then it started to suddenly shutting down about 2 to 3 minutes after booting. I have completely re-formatted the HDD and reloaded XP but the problem remained. Then I had my laptop services, the fan etc cleaned. The guy who serviced it said the problem was solved but I'm still facing the same problem. My lenovo still shuts down around 3-4 minutes after booting. I've started it 4 times. Now, the fifth time round, it's been working for 10 minutes and hasnt shut down on me but I can only take it as a fluke. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: My lenovo 3000 N100 shutdown during work

Bad memory chips can also cause random shutdowns.  One way to check that out is to remove the memory, try to boot your machine (it won't boot, but there should be a message on the screen saying you don't have enough memory).  Leave that error message on the screen for enough time to let yourself know whether or not the machine will shutdown randomly.   If the machine only shuts down when your memory chips are installed, you will have learned the cause.  Otherwise, not.

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