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Paper Tape
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N100 randomly shutdown diferrent problem...SOLVED(clik for solution)

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hi,this is my first post...


i have bought from a friend a Lenovo 3000 n100 0768-6vg(made in 06/08)

it worked fine except for the battery,wich i think it's dead...

when i connect the power cord the charging led blinks one time red and then turns green and stays like this for about 4-5 second......sometimes after a few minutes it starts blinking red as it's charging,but it's dead iven after 20 minutes of charging.....

anyway i don't mind the battery problem.....the main thing sounds like this..

i've started the leptop and worked verry fine,responded to every function but i didn't liked the windows install so i've installed a fresh copy then the problems started..

it originally had window xp home edition and i wanted to install windows xp sp2,a fresh install...

after installing windows,when i was a few steps to finishthe install, the leptop suddenly shutted down Smiley Indifferent

now when i try to start windows,after 5 to 10 minutes it randomly shuts down

iven if i let him in bios mode it shuts down......i've managed to enter in windows and install SpeedFan to check the temperatures and it says the cpu has aprox. 48-50 degrees celsius in normal mode......

after a restart i've tryed to stress him out and obtained a maximum of 60-65 degrees.....


i'm desperate....i've tryed averything....power without battery.....without hdd(with a live usb xp)....

please could anyone help?


ps:i have experience in desktop repairing but this thing is relatively new to me........


could a bios update resolve my problem?:-s

Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎08-18-2010
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Re: N100 randomly shutdown diferrent problem...

oh,and i've deleted the recovery partition....could that be the problem? Smiley Sad(
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Re: N100 randomly shutdown diferrent problem...

if you are trying to install operation system by pressing one key recover ( rescue & restore ) it's all about because you deleted the hidden ( oem ) partition.


is there any error message or code, blue screen?

it is possible some of drivers may cause that ramdom shutting down, but also possible heating issue, too.
Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎08-18-2010
Location: Romania
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Re: N100 randomly shutdown diferrent problem...

i've found the problem by a mistake Smiley it's how it happened Smiley Very Happy


i've opened the leptop and near the battery circuit i saw something strange....i think a liquid managed to enter there.....i've cleanead that out and nothing.....i've removed the battery but still nothing.....


the solution i found sounds is like this:

 if u remove the battery wile the charger it's still plugged,the "bad" courent will remain in the leptop via,


unplug the charger....

remov the battery...

let him like this for 1-2 minutes wile pressing the power button(to drain the courent out) and then plug the charger without the battery.....

and voila,the liptop works fine without restarts and other stuffs Smiley Tongue



i hope this will help others experiencing this least they can try this before taking the leptop to a service center Smiley Tongue



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