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What's DOS?
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N200 Battery not discharging

Greetings, I probably should've posted sooner but may as well.


I've owned this Lenovo N200 0689 laptop since early 2008 bought from BIG W, and was supplied with 12 months warranty which had no problem at all during that period.  However, it's been 18 months past now, and about 3 months ago the battery on the laptop suddenly didn't want to power itself.  It comes up on windows that it's 100% or whatever, but when I pull out the AC, it shuts off instantly.


Now, I've just left the laptop unused for about 1 month now, and just turned it on again.  Windows says the battery is 70%, and it appears to be charging (ie: flashing green indicator), however it will still shut off the instant AC is removed.  In addition to that, after about 2 hours plugged in there hasn't been a change in battery charge percentage.  (It's been 70% for a while now.)


 A bit of googlesearching in the past few months, I've bumped across the N100 battery recall stuff due to failures.  While this is N200, I have reason to believe this laptop could be using the same battery as the N100.  I also feel that the laptop having worked without issues during the warranty period, I find it very disconcerting the problems on the battery would arise, 3 months after being expired from warranty.  In addition, the battery recall stuff only applied to N100 laptops only, and not N200 when the symptoms are exactly the same.


I've already read the FAQs on the website, and they haven't made any difference.  (ie: Surge protection circuit reset, same thing.)   I've also run the RMClock utility suggested by Mark_Lenovo in another topic here, and this is the following details that appear right now (without change in the past hour or so):



Power State- On-line

Remaining capacity: 26780mWh (70.3%)

Charge rate: Not applicable

Charging time left: Not applicable

Voltage: 11.863V

Temmperature: Unsupported



Devince name: LNV-48M6AP02


  Relative capacity: No.  Short-term: No, System battery: Yes, Rechargeable: Yes, Charge requests: No, Discharge requests: No

Chemistry: LION

Designed capacity: 51840 mWh

Fully charged capacity: 38100 mWh

Warning alert: 1905 mWh

Low battery alert: 1333 mW

Critical charge bias: 0 mWh

Recharge cycles: Unsupported

Manufacturer: SANYO

Date manufactured: Unsupported

Unique ID: 1187SANYOLNV-48M6AP02


 If anyone can help me with this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.  I find it unfair N100 users even had such a "battery recall" period as extended warranty, when some unlucky N200 users would've experienced the exact same problem.  Less than 2 years of battery life sounds absurd as well.

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What's DOS?
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Re: N200 Battery not discharging

An update, now the battery is saying 69% left in Windows, and I've kept the laptop on AC.  The laptop battery green LED is still blinking periodically, but it seems as if it's not really charging either now...
What's DOS?
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Re: N200 Battery not discharging


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