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Paper Tape
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N200 cannot load any drivers

Having had some kind of major crash (I was using it one day and it just froze in front of me) I was unable to switch on my N200...  All that would happen would be xp page loaded and freeze - over and over again.  In addition the lenovo recovery function would not operate either.

After days of trying to find out what was up (I didn't know this community was here) a friend tried to help and suggested he wipe my drive saying he could start from scratch and reload all my drivers.  This sounded reasonable to me!  He wiped it... completely - then we couldn't even get xp page.  I then discovered (from him) that xp must have been in a partition.  Is there any way back?  Can lenovo help? I am utterly desperate here... I now have a plastic box with a glass bit and some buttons!!


Any help at all would be appreciated.



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Re: N200 cannot load any drivers

1. To install XP onto your N200, you need to go into the BIOS configuration and change the SATA controller from AHCI to IDE compatibility mode.


2. A recovery partition is available for whatever OS was preinstalled on your N200. However, you mentioned that it would not boot into this recovery partition, so no luck here.


3 Drivers for the N200 model 0769 are available here. Drivers for the N200 model 0687 are available here.


4. If your N200 is still under warranty, Lenovo phone support may send you recovery disks free of charge. Otherwise you will have to pay a service charge.

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Paper Tape
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Re: N200 cannot load any drivers

Thank you for this.

I've ended up contacting Lenovo for recovery cd's for what seems a reasonable £39.99... reasonable considering my predictament!  I will be taking the option of creating recovery cd's in future.  Never had to do this before. 


Many thanks for taking the time to respond.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: N200 cannot load any drivers

I have the same problem but my system is a 3000 C200 8922 and the BIOS will not let make those changes. Any idea on where I can find the drivers I need to install for a SATA hard drive and how to install them, would very helpful. My wife wants her laptop back.




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Re: N200 cannot load any drivers

There are 2 ways to use SATA drivers with XP installation:

  1. Floppy disk.
  2. Integrate it with a "special" application.

If you are asking for this, maybe you don't have necessary level of knowledge.


Another option is take out the disk, connect it to another PC and install Windows XP from there (without installing any driver). Then you put back your disk to your laptop and start installing drivers.


Best regards.

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