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Re: Battery Replacement Eligibility



At times there may be additional information available to technicians to aid them in problem determination.  


In reading your post, there are 2 elements that stand out to me:


1) You say you get 5 mins of battery life.  The symptoms for this particular issue covered in the tip are such that the machine will not run at all on battery, and if the AC is removed, the system will shut down immediately.   The battery is effectively disconnected.   As a result, regardless of the part number being the same, it doesn't sound like you have the same symptom / issue being discussed, and for which the tip was provided.


2) More importantly, if you only purchased 6 months ago, you are still covered by the factory warranty, and this tip is irrelevant.  If you only have 5 mins of battery life, support should simply replace your battery for you.  I would suggest you call back in and explain the short battery life and ask for a replacement.  


Your sales receipt can be used to ensure your warranty period start date is correct.  If support says you are out of warranty by their records, due to your system sitting inventory somewhere, you can use your receipt to reset the start date of the warranty.


In any event, it sounds like you aren't affected by this other issue, and we should be able to just replace your battery.


Thanks for posting and letting us know!



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Notebook Shutdown

3000 N100 notebook. Will not run at all on battery and shuts down after 5 minutes on mains power irrespective of start up modes i.e lenove care.
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Re: Notebook Shutdown

romfordboys, welcome to the forum,


Please refer to the Announcement at the top of the 3000 Notebooks board;


Please note Lenovo 3000 N100 battery tip HERE



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