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Punch Card
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battery not working

hi please help i have had my n100 for just 1 year 1 month and the battery has just stopped working why?
it was replaced through my insurance company as my toshiba was stolen when we were burgled.
can anyone help?
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Re: battery not working

If you will send me a PM with your system model like 0768, 0689, etc and the serial number, I check and see what can be done to help you out.
The threads should probably be merged with the other 3000 battery threads.
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Re: battery not working

Mark_Lenovo wrote:
The threads should probably be merged with the other 3000 battery threads.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Notebook battery is not getting re-charged.

me too having the same problems
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Notebook battery is not getting re-charged.

Hello Mark,
Thanks for all your help.  Anyway, the last reply i received, you said the replacement battery was "...on order as of March 1 should ship to you shortly".  Please let me know whether it's been shipped yet or not
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Re: battery not working

Hi Mark,
I bought Lenovo 3000 N100 - 0768DKU in Oct.2006. Precisely after a year and a month, my battery stopped charging. But I could still use my laptop on AC power(with battery inside). For the time I neglected the issue as I could work without taking my laptop to workplace. But I had to keep it running all the time.
Now, 2 days back, the battery meter started to show: only 2% battery remaining.
And suddenly it would shut down.
Every time I boot, it would last 5 min or 7 minutes.

Finally I had to order a new battery and a surge protector too.
But mean while, I came to know that I could operate laptop without a battery inside, on AC power.

My question is, can I run laptop on AC power without a battery, without any harm to laptop units? is adapter alone safe enough or do I need at least a surge protector before adapter?

I would appreciate any help you can provide on this matter.
3000 N100-0768DKU
XP Home 5.01.2600 SP2
Ubuntu 8.04(hardy)
Punch Card
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Re: Notebook battery is not getting re-charged.

Hi there:
I have exactly the same problem with my N100. About 18 months old. Same symptoms - just stopped charging or running on battery. Battery light comes on for a few seconds then goes out. As a laptop it is no longer usable. Must be on AC to run.
I am confused from this thread - is there a solution? Or must the MB be replaced?
I would really appreciate any help here as I am in South Spain and there is absolutely no technical help down hereSmiley Indifferent
Paul  Axford.
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Paul A.B. Axford
MD Comsec Networks Inc.
Paper Tape
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3000 n100 battery

Machine about one year old and battery has just stopped working. Ok on ac power. When you switch on battery light flashes red then goes green then blank it says its 79% full
Paper Tape
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Lenovo N100 Battery Random Death

Hi there Mark...
I bought my Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop (Type: 0768-DDU   S/N: L3CW226) in November 2006 from Toronto, Canada. In December 2006 I moved to Lahore, Pakistan for further education. In September 2007, my battery suddenly stopped charging and when I would run PC Doctor it would indicate that the battery had a 0 charge and thus, the testing would fail. Still under international warranty at the time, I visited an affiliated partner of Lenovo, namely, INFOTECH. I sent my laptop in to them, and they conducted numerous tests and came up with the conclusion that the battery was at fault and it wasnt a problem with the notebook itself. Thus, at that point, I traded in my faulty battery for a replacement battery; only to encounter the exact same problem just 5 months later in February 2008! HOwever, this time, the battery death wasnt as abrupt as the previous time. There came a point at which first, the battery life would only last around 7 minutes, but then would take the normal 30-45 mins to fully charge. At first I thought it was just a miscalibration of the computer with the battery. So, I called up INFOTECH and they told me a couple of procedures that could possibly recalibrate the battery life with the battery indicator on the desktop (i.e. Fully Charge and drain the battery 4 times, etc.). However, once again, the outcome was negative. At this point, I changed my power settings and modified them so that the computer would not hibernate at reaching 3% battery life, but would continue until the battery was totally drained. This gave me an extra 20 mins or so of battery life. But, this did not last long. One day the battery completely died out and just stopped charging all together. When I contacted INFOTECH again, this time no longer under warranty, I urged them to fix my problem free of cost as it was the exact same problem as the previous time, when I was in fact under warranty, and it was evident at this point that (1) Either the batteries are ALL FAULTY; (2) Theres a problem with the machine from the manufacturing stage...At this point Im on the verge of spending yet another $150 odd dollars in order to purchase a new no longer under international warranty...yet im still having the same problem since the time I was under warranty...what do i do?? Should I buy another battery?? Is there a problem with the notebook itself?? If so, how do I fix it? If I need a new battery, can I use one of the generic branded batteries that are available on ebay, but are compatible with lenovo, since the lenovo batteries alone are costing a lot more, and quite frankly, dont seem to be doing much at the moment...
I look forward to hearing from you...Any advice would be appreciated in this regard...
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Re: Lenovo N100 Battery Random Death

Yes, your battery was shipped in early March.  Most arrive where they are supposed to, but in cases of apartments, etc, a few have been mis-routed, left at a front desk, etc, etc.  I'll get the tracking number from the freight carrier, see what day it was delivered and who signed for it, and will forward to you via a private message so you can check on your end.
Yes, you can run the system with no battery installed, just on AC.  However if the AC jack is at all loose, and the machine is slightly moved, or the plug accidentally pulled, you could lose all the data you have in memory as the machine would immediately power off.   Why don't you send me a PM with your model and serial number and let me seen what can be done.
bssasikanth, doug,
Please send me a PM with your model and serial number and I will advise on what can be done to resolve.
There are several possible failures that have been experienced by those on this thread, and who have done internet searches looking for help and landed here.  A few cases are normal battery decline - atrophy - the general loss of ability to hold a charge.  The battery running for a short period of time.  These cases, the customer should get a in warranty replacement, or purchase an out of warranty replacement battery - the battery is a consumable, like brake pads or tires on a car.  Other scenarios, which are less common, the charge circuit on the system board, OR the AC adatper may have gone bad and the system won't charge a good battery.  Last, and perhaps more common on some of these units, is a sudden battery death.  Under these conditions, the battery will report some level of charge, but the system will not charge it, nor will the system run on the battery. If the AC is removed, even with battery installed, the unit will shut down.  I'm able to help replace these batteries if they meet a certain set of standards.  If you can send me a private message with your system model type and serial, I'll advise on this.
Could you send me a Private message with the barcode of your replacement battery?  This will start with 11Sxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'll see what can be done.
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