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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

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Hello all,


after reading about every message in this thread I have tried the following:


- Always out of a running machine,

- Suspend or

- Hibernate




- With plugged in AC adapter, no problem to recover, either out of suspended or hibernate mode return to OS.


- With AC adapter not plugged in, running on battery:

No return to OS, blank screen, no HD activity, battery light on front on, AC light above keyboard on.

Only possibility, keep power button pressed until turn off.

Turn on, normal operation.


Tried with both memory modules (1 x 1Gb. and 1x2Gb.) alternated, no change.

Tried with front switch for Bluetooth and Wifi turned on or off, no change.

Tried with no Lenovo PM driver installed, no change


The Notebook was bought end September 2008 in Germany.


The strange thing is:

Model 0769-AH9

Bios at startup F1 reports Version 3.05, 68ET37WW

Lenovo System Toolbox (PC-Doctor 5.1.5032.18) reports Bios 68ET37WW, Version 0.55, dated 07/29/2008


Any hint?


Why is there no information available anywhere at Lenovo about the Bios in the version I have?

All I was able to find was 68ET35WW or 3.03.


Just some little matches on the internet while googling where found on the version I have.


System update suggested Version 3.03 as download/update.

But trying to install it returns the error that a newer version is already installed.



Additional information just found on the net:


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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

Hello agian, after week of testing, my laptop seems to be better after bios update.
So fingers crossed and hope it will stay that way.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

I've had word from the Lenovo tech people who have my laptop for repair and apparently the problem was (at least) a faulty hard drive, which is now being replaced. Looking forward to its return. I'll let you know if it cures the problem.
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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

My observations:


There seems to be a number of issues here that people are lumping together incorrectly.


My N200 0769 ALU is unaffected, except as noted below.


As an early poster noted,  with this laptop, you cannot start it with a dead battery.


This is different than some other notebooks that I've owned, where it would pull power from the adaptor if the battery is installed, but dead.


If you remove the dead battery. it starts just fine.


Or, if you simply wait for it to charge a bit, it also powers up fine.


On my unit, once in a while, it will fail to boot when the battery is dead AND then goes into a mode where it won't power up until the battery is unseated and reseated.


I suspect is is simply a glitch in the power switching, and isn't significant in itself, once one is aware.


It's happened to me maybe three times since I've owned the unit, and was always immediately resolved by simply unplugging the power supply, flicking the battery latch and sliding the battery out and back in, and reconnecting power.


I realize that there are people who are reporting situations a bit different than this and I am not suggesting that a problem may not exist, but folks should try this first to see if they really have a problem at all.


I'm betting for many folks here, this is there first notebook, and when it doesn't boot one day, they understandably go into panic mode.


The numerous postings here that lack complete problem descriptions, make logically incorrect assumptions, and ignore suggestions that are inconvenient do not contribute to a solution.


 This includes people who post rants based on an inability to understand the autoresponse emails sent out by Lenovo.


It simply states that software support is 30 days, and that hardware support is for the period of the warranty (usually 1 year) and that hardware support is via phone.


Did Mark ever get a volunteer to send in their notebook?


I know he asked several times over a period of months, and the first time was pretty close to the beginning of this thread.


If people want to claim that there is this huge problem with this product line, yet no one wants to send their unit in for repair - what is Lenovo supposed to do?

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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

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Zombiwulf, I'll assume you're not referring to me with regard to your rather aggressive posting Smiley Happy


The title of the thread is 'Notebook stalls on startup'. My notebook stalled on startup. A lot. Until it wouldn't start up at all. I offered my laptop to Lenovo via this thread but the offer wasn't taken up. Yes I tried everything suggested on this thread, including the procedure you suggest, but to no avail. Not that I should have to do that with a months old notebook that gets light usage. I rang Lenovo to ask for my money back but they refused. They offered a repair which I accepted. Turns out the hard drive had failed. Enough other people are reporting the same symptoms to suggest that there might be a problem with this product line.


Note that I have detailed the problem clearly and comprehensively, which you would have seen if you had read the thread. Other people are coming on and saying 'me too!' They don't need to repeat the symptoms.


Personally I'm not impressed with this laptop or with the fact that Lenovo refused to refund my money. Ultimately, I'm satisfied that if the problem recurs I will be able to prove a design fault with an inspection, and I will be able to pursue a remedy up to 6 years hence. Hopefully it won't come to that.


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Serial Port
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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

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Hello All,


after talking to Lenovo people in Germany as well as 2 Premium Lenovo partners in my area, as suggested by Lenovo, I was suggested by one of the partners, to bring my NB in.


He would order a complete system board, once arrived, we'd to a "downgrade" to V 3.03 of my Bios.

If it would not have solved my issue, he would have changed the board.


Great approach. But having someone take my brand new NB apart...., I did not like the idea "too much".


I decided to do a fresh, from zero, installation, but in a different way.


Win XP SP 1


Video driver, downloaded from Lenovo site. As otherwise no Suspend or Hibernate would have been possible.


So far, after this, the machine was able to Suspend or Hibernate and return to normal operation, wow!


After this I started to install every needed driver, but after each install, I turned the machine down, on again, Hibernate and on again.

Just to make sure that there was no driver that was causing the problem.

Worth to mention, that I installed every driver after downloading it from Lenovo's site, not via System update.


All the way to the last driver, and everything is fine now!

Took me about 4 hours or so... 


One thing I did not do, which was the case on the previous installation, I did not do the installation of the SATA AHCI  thing (complicated one by the way once Win XP is installed, I do not even remember how I managed to get it running anyway...).

Just in case this was the whole trouble maker.


Voila, since about 1 week I have an absolute beauty, running with no issues at all.


Besides all this, my Bios Version remains a mystery. Thread posted in here separated.

I was told it is a Beta Version.

Source, I won't mention...


Regards from Germany. 


P.S.: by the way, regarding some other poster's comments in here, most of us are no IT tech Dr. somethings, I would keep certain comments for myself rather than posting them here.

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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

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I can confirm that resetting the bios back to defaults on a 3000 n200 0769 will cure the phenomena of laptop not getting through windows startup. The funny thing is it was almost like a heat (or cold) issue, as it always occurred first thing in morning, but never once after it had (warmed up) for the day. I also think that a windows update was probably the cause of the incompatibility.          

                                      Thanks goes to somegeeza for the help. Most grateful.


I should say that I flashed the Bios to V 3.03 at first with no luck!

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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

!!Problem Solved!! 


I was having the problem where my 3000 N100 would shut down intermittently. Sometimes it would shut down after 2 hours of use other times it would shut down after 10 seconds.


I reset the bios as suggested here, it made no difference for me.


Then I figured I would reseat the various cards inside the laptop. I unplugged and removed the WiFi card and then reinstalled it...the result? No more intermittent shutdown problems!!


Now I have to return the Dell laptop I just bought online today, haha.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

You've solved a problem, but not the 'Notebook 'stalls' on startup' problem Haulin Smiley Very Happy


Lenovo took my machine in, discovered a fault with the hard-drive, replaced it, and now it seems to be working ok. Looks like the stalling issue could well be a hardware problem, as guessed by previous posters.

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Re: Notebook "stalls" on startup

You are correct.


Unfortunately, there are 1001 ways to have those symptoms but usually only 1 unique cure, haha.

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