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Serial Port
Posts: 17
Registered: ‎04-30-2008
Location: Southeast US
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Odd issue: two short beeps during operation

Hello, folks.


I'm an A+ certified technician and an old-school, hardcore compuNerd, so I've already covered all of the usual bases in trying to figure this out, but I am officially stumped... and I am hoping someone on here has reliable technical information about the 3000 N100 that will help.


After upgrading the SATA hard disk from the original 80GB to 320GB, everything has gone very smoothly, but now there is very intermittent and fairly rare situation where the motherboard beeps twice ("beep-beep") in a very quick cadence.  This is not a POST beep... this happens while Windows is running.  This beep does not come from the speakers... it appears to be coming from a hardware speaker on the motherboard, perhaps.  There is no indication that anything is wrong, all temperatures and operating parameters are well within normal limits.  The computer behaves perfectly normal in every respect.


Does anyone with technical information about the 3000 N100 have any suggestions on what this beeping is trying to tell me?