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Blue Screen Again
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Power Problem !

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Today my Notebook (3000 N100 0768-6zg) went suddenly out power with the Battery light on the front ORANGE ( not flashing !) and the sleep indicator stays always green .my keyboard doesn't work too. 


see image :

One the image ; 1 and 2 are always on cant turn off ,3 is always on , 7 is always on orange (no flashing) 8  is always on (no flashing )


I've tried to connect only AC power  that does not  solve the problem

I think that something is wrong with the power circuit

Can any one tell me what is going on ? 


Sorry for bad English

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Power Problem !



I have similar problem...


When my Thinkpad R40 in unplugged, the green battery LED stay ON....


Also, the touchpad loose is functionality only for the clicks, the cursor move normally but it's required to use the left and right button for the clicks.


I reinstall the drivers for the toughpad, I restore the O/S with 'Access IBM' and I unplug the backup battery for about 2 hours.


No result.


Thanks a lot for your help!





Blue Screen Again
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Re: Power Problem !

I have a similar problem. My Lenovo 3000 N100 0768 laptop is over two years old and has worked fine until two weeks ago. The AC  power jack has had some problems and the battery has quickly deteriorated. Now while it works on AC power only, the power manager shows 'plugged in  NOT charging', and the the LED battery light flashes orange only. I assumed it was the battery so I ordered a new battery.


Now even the new battery does not charge. Is this a software, BIOS or hardware issue? Are there any online resources for dealing with the battery charger? I see now that there was a recall on the batteries but that ship has sailed for this unit, and as above it does not seem to be solely a battery issue.  Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Paper Tape
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Re: Power Problem !

I have the same exact problem.  Did you ever get an answer.



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Re: Power Problem !

have you tried to use only ac power? ( remove the battery )
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Power Problem !

kaknipper wrote:

I have the same exact problem.  Did you ever get an answer.




No. Not at all. LOL. I ended up replacing the unit.


I will say that I learned Lenovo has several versions of the battery diagnostics program, and some are more useful than others. But none solved the problem.


At least for me, removing the battery and using AC power only was not a solution in my situation because with the faulty AC power connection, just a quick twist or bump of the jack and the entire system would fail without proper shut off, and it took increasingly longer times to reboot. You need the working battery recognized by the system as a continuity buffer so you don't have a 'hard' shut-off each time. 

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