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Re: Spilled water on Lenovo 3000 n100 - can I use a mini PCI-E to USB card?

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Problem is that there is water and deposits on small components. If you leave it like it is now it's going to give errors later on, random errors, anything from USB not working, to other types of errors. The way to fix it for now is to take it apart, wash everything with disstilled water so there is no deposits, then wash it with alcohol. A professional could use a tooth brush to wash, but for a newbie I recommend a cue tip. After it's washed, it must be blowed with air, like from an air can or better from an air hose. Then let it sun dry. To ground yourself take your shoes and socks off and stand on tile floor or put your feet onto something large and metal while you work.


Even with this wash, there is simply no telling what would be after half a year, or a year. A sure way is to replace a board.


For this reason it's not cost effective for you to give it to a service specialist. Furthermore, there are some service specialists that would leave it in their shop for a week and let it sit and dry, then check if it works, and give it back to you.


While that darn thing is working sell it. In US you could buy a new laptop right now for under $600. At the same time with jobs being demolished by the Obama communist party, people are looking into used stuff. Do an advanced search on eBay for completed liststings on items like yours, and sell it while you still can. Get yourself a new one, and don't take a bath with your laptop again.


It's only cost effective if you can take it apart and wash it yourself, otherwise don't waste money. Perhaps laptop disassembly videos on youtube? You'd need screw drivers, and a soft card. On a sheet of paper draw your laptop and place screws on the drawing where they should go as you take them out.




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