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Fanfold Paper
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T5250 to T7300 upgrade advice

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Have I asked anything wrong here?


Why haven't I been able to eliict any response for the following. Wonder where else I can turn to.


Need advice on upgrading my Y410 3000 processor - current T5250 1.5Mhz to T7300 2.0Mhz


I am getting conflicting advice, some say possible and others say no. Pls help. God bless you abundantly for your help

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T5250 to T7300 upgrade advice

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I am using the same processor...lenovo 3000 Y410, T5250 1.5GHz/2MB/667FSB


I have been searching high and low for the answer to your questions as well.. :smileyhappy: Anyway, if the chipset that you are using is 945, and the FSB is 667, don't think that you can use the T7300...




Updates: Requested help from another forum.  Use CPUZ to check your mainboard chipset ..if GM965, then it can support T7300 if you are upgrading from T5250.. :smileyhappy:


Good luck

Retired Guru
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Re: T5250 to T7300 upgrade advice

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You do realize that this thread was started in December of 2009, right? lol


Anyway, the Y410 has the GM965/PM965 chipset, which supports Socket P processors with a FSB up to 800MHz. This would mean that the T7300 will work no problems. In fact, my sister has a Y410 which I upgraded to a T7300.

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