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Fanfold Paper
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T5250 to T7300 upgrade advice

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Have I asked anything wrong here?


Why haven't I been able to eliict any response for the following. Wonder where else I can turn to.


Need advice on upgrading my Y410 3000 processor - current T5250 1.5Mhz to T7300 2.0Mhz


I am getting conflicting advice, some say possible and others say no. Pls help. God bless you abundantly for your help

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T5250 to T7300 upgrade advice

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I am using the same processor...lenovo 3000 Y410, T5250 1.5GHz/2MB/667FSB


I have been searching high and low for the answer to your questions as well.. Smiley Happy Anyway, if the chipset that you are using is 945, and the FSB is 667, don't think that you can use the T7300...




Updates: Requested help from another forum.  Use CPUZ to check your mainboard chipset ..if GM965, then it can support T7300 if you are upgrading from T5250.. Smiley Happy


Good luck

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Re: T5250 to T7300 upgrade advice

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You do realize that this thread was started in December of 2009, right? lol


Anyway, the Y410 has the GM965/PM965 chipset, which supports Socket P processors with a FSB up to 800MHz. This would mean that the T7300 will work no problems. In fact, my sister has a Y410 which I upgraded to a T7300.

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