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Thoughts on 3000 n100 battery and charging

I inherited a little used 3000 n100 almost 3 years ago.  Like many others I found the battery rather poor, but it kept working sufficiently for home use mostly on the mains supply.  Recently on battery it was achieving only about 12 minutes use and would suddenly seem to go from about 90% charge to almost zero and force the machine to hibernate.  It's a 3000 n100 type 0768 6VG, running Windows XP. 

Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled the Lenovo Power Management Driver for Windows XP (61ku06ww) from the Lenovo site.  Following that, the battery now seems to discharge normally and gave about an hour (quite good considering it's >3 years old).

So you might like try this.  I've no idea whether it's why things got better, nor whether it will stay OK.

Perhaps the Lenovo moderators can add comments?


In all the adverse comment about these batteries, there didn't seem to be much about what may be a factor in the relatively short serviceable life.  If you take the battery out just after using the PC, you'll notice it is quite warm just along the area close to the connector.  Since lithium batteries don't like heat, maybe the packaged electronic board is heating the nearest cell or two more than the others leading to premature failure or life shortening, emphasised in warm climates?  

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