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Ultrabay Battery not compatible with my Lenovo V510

Hello I have a Lenovo V510 laptop. The exact model is 80WQ00NLBM

When I bought it the model was advertised with the possibility to add a second battery in the ultrabay.

I searched for this battery with a P/N 4X50N82407, found an official supplier for my country and ordered it with a wait time, because it was not available in their storage.

The battery arrived 2 months later. When I tried to install it, it became clear that my laptop does not have the required port for the battery and also the fixing screw is not in the right position at all.

So I called the supplier and tried to return it. They said that it is not possible because I ordered with a specific P/N.


Now I've paid for a battery that I even don't have, because I sent it to them, I can't use it at all.

I tried to contact some support at Lenovo to ask why my laptop does not have this port which is advertised. But when I go to the support site and even type in the serial number of my laptop the only option is to come here - to the community support forum, but there is no option at all to contact some Lenovo representative with my problems and questions.

What can I do in this situation ?

What's DOS?
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Re: Ultrabay Battery not compatible with my Lenovo V510

I also have this problem, because I bought this laptop with hope to add second battery. After buying this laptop I found that others also didn't find any place to put second battery. It seems like Lenovo is trying to cheat on us and other potential buyers. Not really nice, though. The battery is not really long-lasting; mine stays up only for 4,5 hours with all possible settings to reduce battery consumption - and still nothing. Where are you, Lenovo support?

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