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Fanfold Paper
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V310-15ISK Set of Driver Errors



I recommended to a friend, who just bought a V310 lenovo laptop (i5, 4GB, only integrated HD video ). I had problems for the first time I started the laptop.

I could not install the OS (7x64). I managed it.

Now I am installing the OFFICIAL drivers from lenovo site:
The chipset driver was ok.
I tried to install the IntelHD driver but after installation I could not open the configuration exe. (from desktop shortcut).

I tried to install the Audio driver too (I have had sound from standard drivers I guess), but here come the tricky part: it got an error. I reinstalled, got an error again. After a reboot: NO SOUND AT ALL. It shows NO AUDIO DEVICE at the bottom right corner. So I install an audio driver and the sound disables? wow.

I installed the LAN driver without any error, but I did not test it yet.

I installed the WLAN driver but in device manager says: It is not working, because it is not digitally signed...


Why am I getting this error? the drivers are not working, despite I downloaded them today...

And please DO NOT send me to tech support. The support site is really bad structured. I clicked on "Contact with us" button and get back to driver and software page and forum support... Smiley Sad

I had a year ago another issue, the USA's online chat sales group said they could not help me because I do not live in the states. So they can not chat me because I live in another region? My software/hardware problem is NOT region specific... I have found (after a few days of searching) an IBM/lenovo support site, I have made a ticket, but no answer since 2016 may.


This was the last time I recommended lenovo for others.

I am very disappointed with lenovo laptops.


I really appreciate any idea.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: V310-15ISK Set of Driver Errors

I also had error installing audio, I came across a registry edit that extended the timeout (think it was from stone computers) anyway gave it ago - the driver took a while to install but it completed, might be worth a try?

this was on Win7 64bit

edit2: my laptop models are v110-15isk butsounds like a similar thing(?)


edit: found website link

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