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V370 / V470 / V570 - Unable to enroll any fingerprint with BioExcess

by Community Moderator on ‎04-23-2012 02:45 AM (3,243 Views)


I have a IdeaPad V370 and I installed BioExcess v7.0.67.0 with EgisTec driver v3.0.10.4 (on Device Manager is shown v3.0.7.0).


When launching BioExcess initial wizard, on "Fingerprint Enrollment" phase, after logon password, where I should enroll 2 fingers with their fingerprints I am getting an error message. At the last 6 fingerprint of the same finger (I tried also with different fingers, same result) it always gives me error, so I can't complete the process at any circumstances. I reinstalled the driver and the software from V370 support page but the result is the same. I searched for another, newer, driver with no success.


I tried to install Windows hotfixes KB974476 and KB978258 listed near the fingerprint driver. But no success, both installations are aborted with "The update is not applicable to your computer".





  1. Uninstall EgisTec driver and BioExcess software.
  2. Reboot the laptop
  3. Install the BioExccess software.
  4. Reboot the laptop
  5. Install the EgisTec driver
  6. Once the above is done, open the BioExccess software and try registering the fingerprints.

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