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My Lenovo v460 ASDFJKL;\ keys do not work, please help. 


Is there anything that I can do to get this rectified? 


During the event of this issue happened a few yeras back, invetigations revealed that this caused by the keyboard ribbon pressing closely to the metal part of the machine. Hence this can cause some interferences with the keyboard.


If your machine is within warranty and you're not a tech person, kindly send your machine for service repair.


If your machine is out of warranty or you're a tech person and can do this simple task by yourself, you can open your machine and seperate the ribons from touching the metal base of the machine. 


Please view the Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for assembly and disassembly of the keyboard from this link.

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I am facing the same problem with my laptop W540.


Would tou please to tell me what is a solution for my model?


Thank you