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Paper Tape
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V510-15IKB Fan issue

I just bought a V510-15IKB.


The fan on this laptop is doing things that should be very unnecessary.

It spins up very abruptly to something that sounds like max speed every second minute or so,

sometimes it stays moderately active for a while and sometimes it goes silent.


This happens when just browsing this forum or other light use aswell.

I havent done anything taxing besides updates and installs.


I would accept this if I was doing something that naturally would be a demanding task, but not just from browsing the web..


I know my way around computers, but I'm by no means a poweruser.

Any suggestions?

Paper Tape
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Re: V510-15IKB Fan issue



After reading these forums and all the other fan issues people are having, this laptop is definitely getting returned...

open chrome,  WIIIIIIIIIIIUUH.

With everything is up to date regarding windows and lenovo support/scans and whatnot.

Im not waiting around for an update regarding something people have been complaining about for 6 months.

Im also not too keen on having to use third party fan control programs on a brand new laptop.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: V510-15IKB Fan issue

Hi Magnusfojo, I'm having a similar issue with my V310-15ISK unit, except that the annoying spinning sound only happens every 30 minutes and lasts like 2 seconds.

I'm thinking of returning this laptop and getting another one of the same model. I wonder if this is a problem with some specific laptops or it happens with the entire model line.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: V510-15IKB Fan issue

same problem

Punch Card
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Re: V510-15IKB Fan issue

Just open browser,this noisy fun starts with full speed...

How its possible to change fun settings? 

No any load,no high temperature,but it starting like Boeing

Wait for new firmware from Lenovo ?

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