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Paper Tape
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V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze



I just bought a brand new Lenovo V510-15IKB Laptop.


The computer freezes without any reason in particular, and doesn't show any errors.


I've already installed all the most up to date drivers and all the available updates both on lenovo support site, as the windows 10.


The problems persists, happening at least a couple of times everyday, when it freezes nothing works, Ctrl+Alt+Del, nothing, hard reset is the only option.


The computer is running windows 10 pro.


This issues is really awfull, and happens without any warning, making me loose work, etc.


Please help or share experience with similar situations.


This is awfull since this is a brand new laptop, new model, new generation intel processor....



Lenovo Technology Partner
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

Hi BezHugo,

I would like to ask if, have you tried to check the laptop. Like running Lenovo Solution Center for hardware issues. If you can try, check event viewer for any errors also. If the issue persist please contact Lenovo Warranty Support. 

Hope this helps.


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Punch Card
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

I would go with Lenovo Bootable Diagnostics in particular: . You might have to press Enter at the boot: prompt for the system to boot first because of the Kaby Lake processor. The machine might hang for a while (1-2 mins) and then boot. Kaby Lake is a problematic processor in that only Windows 10 is officially supported. Even Linux is problematic at the moment. It's the reason why I got rid of my recently purchased V310-15IKB (Kaby Lake) in exchange for a V310-15ISK (Skylake). As far as I'm concerned Kaby Lake is baby cake with its lack of OS support.

Paper Tape
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

I am having the same problem with x2 V510-15IKB's that was bought last week. I have updated the BIOS and all possible drivers. The freezing happens without warning and intermittent without any traces. I have the machines next to each other on the same bench. It seems to happen more when the bubble screen saver kicks in, but only an observation. 

I am thinking of restoring the older Windows 10 Pro from the current version 1607 Build 14393.693, because I suspect this to be the problem.  Any other feedback would be appreciated, because I am sitting with waiting cients.

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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze



I got the same problem.


Are there any solutions by now?


Kind regards,


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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

Same problem here - unexpected freezes.


all drivers are up to date.


any suggestions?

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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze



I have exactly the same problem.  My computer freezes for no apprent reason.  I think I will be retruning my Laptop.  If there is a solution I am all ears.  Come Monday I am returning my computer for a full refund or a different brand.  


Hope you find a solution to.  Just return the laptop and get something else.


Kind regards,


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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze



I have the same problem. I've got about 20 laptops and all seem to experience random freezing.


Windows 10 Professional

Drivers updated

BIOS updated


Event viewer would show kernel-power / unexpected shutdown.


Laptop needs to be TURN OFF cold on power button after freezing offcourse.


Not sure if anyone tryed:

-VGA memory setting in bios

-UEFI or legacy

-Other bios settings


Kaby lake still problematic on win10?

What's DOS?
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze



i just bought my V510-IKB last week and experienced the same problem.

Did anyone get an helpful answer from Lenovo about this?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

Hi guys!
Same problem here, unpredictable freezes.