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Fanfold Paper
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

I've got V510-15IKB.

There are two BIOSes in Lenovo downloads listed for my serial number: 2WCN42WW (25 May 2019) and 0ZCN49WW (25 Jun 2019):


Attention: the README file for 0ZCN49WW  under the link above does not list  V510-15IKB among the supported models while the description under the list - does!!!


Since 0ZCN49WW doesn't seem to be sutable for my notebook (because my BIOS starts with 2W. I'm following the Lenovo's BIOS identification guide here), I've installed the first one - 2WCN42WW.

But today my notebook has frozen again.


By the way: when I googled 0ZCN49WW directly (not by specific serial number), I found another Lenovo page with the same(???) BIOS BUT with different date (30 May 2019 instead of 25 Jun 2019)! Supported models are the same in the description and in the README file. Here it is: Control sums seem to be the same.


Also, in the direct search for 2WCN42WW the date is different, too (here it's 30 May 2019 instead of 25 May 2019):

Am I doing anything wrong?

Punch Card
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

So far the 28RS BIOS seems to be working with Linux. Another encouraging thing was it didn't overwrite GRUB like all the other BIOSes.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

Hi guys,


I have been using 28RS with Legacy first option in bios. After i flashed bios to 28RS it immediately solved the freezes (even i had Legacy first)


For like 2 months i had no freezes.


Now i have freezes multiple times a day like i used to have. Bios version is still 28RS.


Do you really think UEFI will solve it?


I doubt that because i used it without freezes on Legacy booth.

Serial Port
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Re: V510-15IKB Laptop Freeze

Nearly 5 months without one single freezing, heavy everyday use of laptop. BIOS 2wcn28RS. I don't do any updates with Lenovo Vantage.

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