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On the energy management panel under the option for "Best battery health", it states this setting will limit charge capacity to 0-45% or 0-50%. Is there any way to raise this limit above 50%?


I'd ideally like to limit the charge to about 80%.


Limiting the charge to 50% has been shown to give the battery its longest life.  Older versions kept the charge at 80%.


The only way to keep the charge at 80% using your version would be to change the setting to runtime and charging the battery to 80%, then changing the setting back to best battery health.  Your battery will lose its charge gradually.

Probably about 1% a day.


Another thing to take in account is that the older versions might or might not work with your machine.  If you do decide to experiment, uninstall your current version first before you install a new one.  Also keep in mind that the Hotkeys utility is incorporated into the Energy Management.

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i've trying to get answers on my v570 being plugged in but not charging notificatons

i replaced my battery with a new about 2 months ago and all has been going good.

Yesterday i opened my laptop after using it the day before and i noticed that the battery is a 39% and says plugged ina nd not charging. i checked the power supply and it shows on my voltmeter that i have 20v dc.I tried to remove the battery and reinstall and all it shows when out that the battery is missingSmiley Frustrated