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Paper Tape
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... no power



I had the same problem occur with my Lenovo V570.  The number of forum posts about this issue is staggering!

Did you get this issue resolved?



Paper Tape
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... No power


So my boyfriend had the same issue with his laptop not even a month after purchase in December. I recall reading that removing the battery, and then pressing the power button ten times and then once for a minute might fix it, but I'm not sure if that would work for you.


Unfortunately, this didn't work for my boyfriends V570.

Sadly, I have also come here to utter my grievances with Lenovo's support center. Here is what has happened with me.


This past Christmas I decided I would like to purchase a new laptop for my boyfriend, and after some research online and asking for advice from friends I settled on a Lenovo V570 laptop. At first, everything was fine and dandy, and he was more than happy with the performance. Unfortunately, not even a month later the laptop straight up will not turn on. We tried just about everything, from taking out the battery and pressing the power button 10 times (supposedly to reset factory settings), to taking it in to a local computer shop to see if we were having a stupid fit. All this was to no avail, and finally we called Lenovo's support center. According to the company's website, there is a one year warranty on all of their laptop products, so of course this issue was within the time frame. The first time phoning them it seemed as if everything would work out fine. We were informed by the woman aiding us that a box would be sent to our address, where we would be able to fill out a form detailing the problem, and sent it in to be fixed. Apparently, this is a service provided throughout the US. Two weeks pass, and we still hadn't received the box, nor an email confirmation of what had occurred. After calling once more, my boyfriend gave his case file number to the new service aid, and he said this number was non-existent. He was then transferred to someone else who would supposedly be able to help him, but this next individual gave a completely different answer as to how to proceed. My boyfriend was then given a new case number by someone, and told he would be required to send in his laptop and pay for shipment fees, and was also harassed into buying a longer warranty. When they finished up the conversation, this person told him that he would be sent a confirmation email detailing where to send his laptop, as well as the new case number. Although he said this would take no more than 15 minutes, it has now been close to half a day. I am now at a loss, and I have no idea where to go from here. If anyone could clarify how to fix this situation it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... No power



Can you send me a private message with the case numbers that your boyfriend has? 


Will try to arrange some help.





Paper Tape
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Re: PLEASE HELP!!! V570 No wake up, No video and now... No power

Hi Mark -

I too have a V570 which I've had for 9 months.  4 months ago the hard drive died.  I sent the laptop back to Lenovo - as you know on my own dime - and the hard drive was replaced.  Tonight I was using the computer which has been working okay and went to turn it back on from sleeping and it was just dead.  I'm having the exact same experience as many of the other users on this forum - the power button lights up when depressed and the middle light on the front of the computer is lit up as well but nothing happens.  No boot up, no screen, no fan - nothing.  I've tried turning it on and off, pulling out the battery - all tono avail.  I'm so sad and incredibly upset.  Please, please help me.

Thank you ~


Former Employee
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... no power

Hi all,


Thank you for the post. After reading all of your posts it appears that there seems to be a trend to the failure. I believe that most of you have gotten your machine back into service and have since got the issue resolved. But to those that still have not sent it in, As Mark had mentioned earlier in the post it would be best for you to contact service.


But as this is happening to alot of people I'd like to check with our engineering team to see what the root cause of it is.


Could every one in the discussion here, whom have sent in or have not sent their machines Pm me the details of the system. The details i need can be found below.


• Machine Family (e.g. T61)
• Machine Type Model (e.g. 7660-14A)
• Machine Serial Number (e.g. L3-234A)
• Bios version
• Chipset model and driver version
• RAM (e.g. 2GB DDR3)
• OS (e.g. Win 7 64-bit Ultimate)
• Steps taken prior to a reported issue (for an example software or hardware installed)

• Customers country of residence :
• Place of goods purchased (eg:Best Buys, Lenovo store) :


• First and Last Name
• Contact Phone Number
• Email Address
• Mailing Address
• Country of customers resided
• Case Number (provided by service centre)


I understand that some of you may have posted these info but it would be nmuch appreciated if you could Pm the details to me. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Hope to hear from you guys.


Thank you in advance,




What's DOS?
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... no power

I guess you can add me to the list. I purchased a V570 on Dec 18, 2011 from Best Buy. In February, I started having power problems. It was off and on for a few days, and then it wouldn't power on at all. I knew Best Buy wouldn't take it back, so it went on the shelf.


I got it out yesterday to have Best Buy ship it to Lenovo support. Just for the fun of it, I tried to power it on and it worked! But... there are still problems. When it hibernates (either by closing the lid or from the start menu... it appears to hibernate and the screen goes black, but the power button stays lit and the 3 LEDs on the front stay lit. It stays like this until I do a 5-second press-and-hold on the power button to force a shutdown. It also shows this same behavior when I do a shutdown.


I have uninstalled all of the Lenovo software that I thought might be causing problems... BioExcess, Port Locker, Veriface, Active Protection System. None of this helped.


Lenovo V570, 6GB RAM, 750 GB HDD

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Paper Tape
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... No power

Hey Mark,

I guess I'm adding my name to the string of power issues.  I actually received mine today at about 1:30pm. I turned it on and connected to the internet to make sure I had my updates. I only used the computer for an hour before I turned it off to return to work. When I got home at 5:30, I went to turn it on and the indicator lights on the laptop (beside the power button) stayed lit, but the system never booted. I was forced to turn it off by holding the power button and then it never came on again. Nor did the lights ever come on again indicating that the machine was being powered by the plug or the battery; it was dead.


On one hand, my wife bought the computer as a laptop that was refurbished by Lenovo in Morrisville, so it is still under warranty. I'm supposed to ship it tomorrow. On the other hand, she is devastated (and I am irritated) that the machine is dead in less than 24 hours and I have to pay extra to ship a computer that should work.


Has Lenovo recalled these laptops or at least offered to pay customers to ship the devices for repair? This is my first lenovo, but it may very well be my last depending on the customer service.


Also, once this issue is "fixed," are the fixed for good or does it happen again later?

What's DOS?
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... no power

I'll be filling out that form too.


My V570 is now completely dead. It began with not being able to wake-up out of sleep mode without popping out/in the battery. Now it won't turn on/flash any lights at all.


Just ended a very frustrating call with the service center and will be either marching into Best Buy first thing tomorrow and/or shipping this thing off at my expense to Lenovo...  and all without ANY guarantee this won't happen again if repaired!


How has Lenovo not fixed this yet? Ridiculous.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... no power

Same problem


Last night it was OK, this morning, NOTHING... Dead








Fanfold Paper
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Re: V570 No wake up, No video and now... no power

Well count me in as well...  


There are numerous other forum threads that all seem to have similar issues with the V570 just dropping dead on everyone.  Looks like a motherboard issue.  I was given mine as a gift in late January and it died yesterday (May 21st, 2012) so it made it less than 4 months.  In my entire life I've never had ANY electronic device fail on me this fast, that includes about 4 other laptops from different manufacturers).  I steered clear of other companies I've had problems with in the past (Compaq, Toshiba, Sony & Samsung), however any of the problems I experienced with those, weren't as quick and sadly today, were handled MUCH BETTER by those competiting companies when they did arise.  I chose to go with Lenovo because my first computer was an IBM and I never had a problem with it, and Lenovo has built a stellar reputation in the last few years with their customers....


...If anyone from Lenovo is reading this, please understand you're about to destroy it.  When I called customer service, first I was told they had no idea what happened, and had hear "nothing about an issue like this with the V570".  There are hundreds of customers on multiple boards who are reporting this issue over and over.  Then everything went well until I was asked to purchase a box, and further pay to ship my defective laptop back "That's Lenovo's Policy".  My jaw hit the floor.  I politely spoke with my csr about it and expressed that I needed the shipping paid for and a box sent out, because this is a HUGE issue with this product, and I don't exactly think it's fair for Lenovo to expect me to spend $50-60 packaging and shipping it back to them so they can fix a problem I should never have had to deal with, and that I went from being okay with getting the computer fixed, nevermind the frustration and inconvenience that all of my data is now probably lost AND this is a computer my wife and I use for work every single day and is imperative that we have it.  But to above that have to come out of pocket for money on top of all of this, simply takes me to the point of considering NEVER buying another Lenovo product, and frankly speaking very openly on BestBuy and any other forum possible about a company that has a massive issue with a new product months out, and then won't go above and beyond for customer retention.


After the CRM refused to transfer me to a supervisor, he spent the next 10 minutes SUPER AGGRESIVELY trying to sell me an extended warranty that covers accidental damage.  I work in sales.  I get it, okay?  But this is NOT the right time to try and upsell to a customer.  You have someone on the phone that is devistated that their Lenovo product died 4 months into owning it.  Then the company is refusing to pay the costs of getting the product fixed, or sending out a box to protect said product.  Then they have the nerve to try and upsell me warranty on a product, I'm seriously thinking about returning and further, never getting another product from again unless I get some better customer service on this issue.  That's really, really appalingly bad.  Then I let the CRM know, again calmly, that I was offended he was trying to sell my a warranty and that I wasn't interested.  That didn't stop him, he kept on for another 2 minutes, what about 15% off... but it's really great... what about this example... he woudln't take no for an answer, and would not stop trying to sell me the warranty.  I can't believe it!  I really hope that I can express this to someone at Lenovo that cares. 


Product quality, customer service, AND customer retention is an absolute must, and I'm 0 for 3 on this.


I have't completely sworn this whole experience off, but I wanted to post on here and see what the real deal is.  I saw posts where other people had a box sent out and/or had their shipping covered.  Can people please respond if this has actually happened?  I don't think I'm being unfair or asking for anything out of the ordinary, and if I can't find a resolution to this otherwise then I have to say I've never felt so horrible with an experience with a company and their product, which I think would last a lifetime.


I see a guy named Mark has been replying here, who seems to have a much more grounded grasp on this situation and I would love to talk to you if you see this.  Thank you!





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