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What's DOS?
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V570 and windows 10 compatibility

Is the v570 compatible with windows 10?  The lenovo supported systems list for windows 10 upgade page (  says 2nd gen sandy bridge are not supported.  If i'm not mistaken the v570 is 2nd gen sandy bridge as it is a i5-2430m cpu.


This is from the page

"If your system is not listed, it hasn’t been tested for Windows 10 upgrade and is not supported."


"The following configurations are NOT supported:

  • Intel 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors (Sandy Bridge)
  • Intel 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors (Haswell) for 32-bit OS configurations
  • Intel 5th generation Intel® Core™ processors (Broadwell) for 32-bit OS configurations
  • Additional Thinkpad features & devices not supported"
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

Hi jima1,


Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!


Yes this is correct, that's also the reason why the SUpport driver download is still not updated with the W10 drivers



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What's DOS?
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

Hello.  I have a V570 and previously upgraded to Windows 10 only to have the entire system crash on me several days later.  I had to completely reboot the computer and reinstall Win 7 Ultimate.  I did like Win 10 while I had it and was thinking to try again.  I thought that perhaps I just needed to install updated drivers from Lenovo prior to the upgrade, however, based on what I am seeing online and on this forum, it seems that it is not that simple.  Should I not bother to upgrade?  What causes this model to be unsupported and will this potentially change in the future?  What about Windows 8?  I am concerned that Windows will stop supporting Win 7 one of these days and I will have no choice but to scrap my perfectly good computer.

What's DOS?
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

I agree. At some point, Microsoft will stop supporting prior versions of Windows and are literally hounding everyone to upgrade. Once I upgraded, I was looking for an upgraded touchpad driver due to intermittent touchpad issues only to discover, the upgrade appears to be unsupported. It is not like this laptop is a decade old - it is very annoying that Lenovo has decided not to make the necessary updates to support windows 10 on this model. If they cannot support it, perhaps releasing more configurations to market than they can handle should be reconsidered for proper consumer support
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

Welcome to the Lenovo Community ArtyLenovo !


Yes, there is an end date for Microsoft Support with every Windows version.  For Windows 7 that will be January 2020, for Windows 8.1 it will be January 2023 and Windows 10 ends on October 2025. 


For me personally I have over a half dozen computer systems which I use on a regular basis. Of those only two of the 1 year old systems were upgraded to Windows 10 as I felt they were the best candidates from a hardware stand point to use the latest version of Windows.  I'm I concerned about the rest of my computer systems, no.  Their current operating systems supports them well and I enjoy some software applications they have, but is no longer supported by Windows 10.  Even by the earliest end of life date of 2020 the many of those "not upgraded" system will have been recycled due to not cost effective hardware repairs, hard to find batteries and limited graphics capabilities. 

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Serial Port
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

Did not mean nacroposting, but a simple Bing search presented a nice card of information with different tabs. Windows 10 however does seem to have a generic audio driver. The Generic Driver did the trick for me, after I gave my consent to a post installation restart. However, the card also had a tab to try the audio troubleshooter.


Based on your browser the card, I referred above might have slightly different positions


It was on the top in Edge


And slighly below in Firefox


Alternatively, the card also shows up a useful video:




It does not feel good when a vendor does not support Intel Core i5 processor for Windows 10 Home Premium with their own drivers. The basic requirements for Windows 10 is "1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC"


Blue Screen Again
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

The V570 is shown as "unsupported", but that doesn't mean it won't "run" Windows 10.


I updgraded mine to Windows 10 on the strength of it passing a compatibility test.......and it runs fine. Good speed and almost all of its original functionality.


I've gotten my camera working again (with help from friendly/curious/adventurous fellow-users of this forum......and if I could just get my Finger Print Reader working now........I'd be back to 100% as far as I'M concerned.

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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

Same here. I just upgraded one that I had forgotten all about to Win 10. It works fine except for the fingerprint reader. I had to install a few specific drivers from the Lenovo support site (e.g. Windows 7/8 versions) for some hardware that didn't "just work" with Windows 10 but it all worked fine, except the fingerprint reader.


I did a totally clean install (wiped HD), not an upgrade.


If anyone gets it to work please post here!


Blue Screen Again
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility


Resurrecting an old thread because I have an issue now....

I updated to Windows 10 on my V570 several years ago and was running it without issues in the software. Admittedly, the fingerprint reader didn't work and I never used the camera, but everything else ran really well and I watched Xfinity live streaming and BBC iPlayer, when in the UK, without issue.

Automatic Windows 10 upgrades, over time, took me to version 1709 which again worked flawlessly.

After upgrading Windows 10 to version 1803 on a couple of other machines without any issue, I started the upgrade on the Lenovo V570 without backing up first.... and I now have a strange situation where I seem to have two versions of Windows 10 on my machine, neither of which will boot properly.

After booting, I end up with a black desktop with no program icons, no wireless, no running services... but I can access Task Manager!

My files are on the E: drive and there is a C: drive and there is a system drive and an X: drive...

I tried to elicit help on :-

but after spending hours trying to resolve the issue - but eventually realised I was being lead up the garden path!

I also tried Microsoft... and here is where you might be interested... they tell me that because the Lenovo website doesn't list the V570 as being compatible with Windows 10, they can't help me!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: V570 and windows 10 compatibility

Hey, thompa.....thanks (I THINK) for sharing!


The very first question I HAVE to ask you is "Was the 'update' from 1709 build to 1803 version an "automatic" event that just happened to 'come along' in the natural course of Windows doing its own thing? I assume (although maybe I SHOULDN'T) that most peoples' Windows boxes are like mine these days......they just seem to shut down any old time they feel like it and (accompanied by some obscure blue-screen "sad face", along with an obscure note about my computer "having problems"....that it will "collect some information" or "gather some files" or some such BS....then fire back up again without so much as an explanation of what just "occurred".


If THAT's the sort of "usual routine" that put you into no-man's-land with a non-functioning Lenovo....maybe I should be going into my V570's Windows settings and just turning OFF anything that looks like "automatic updates" controls?


Tell me more........please!

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