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What's DOS?
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Vista fails to display the login screen after windows update.

My name is bjorn, and i'm new here.
I was hoping you guys could help me with a nasty issue. Feel free to move the post though, if i'm in the wrong category.
My problem:
My Lenovo 3000 V200 with Vista Business SP1 has several times after Windows update ended up with a black mepty screen during boot, each time ending with me having to reinstall the OS to see light again. I'm getting a bit tired of this, and i was hoping you guys had a better solution, or even a fix.

Technical decription of the problem:
- Computer works normally.
- Windows update installs an update.
- WIndows asks for a reboot.
- Bjorn does as windows demands, and reboots the computer.
- Windows boots up, at least it seems so. You see that green bootup thingy for a while.
- After the boot screen, the screen becomes black. You can see that the resolution is being set, and my mouse appears. Beyond that, NOTHING happens. Black screen with cursor stays there forever.
- Bjorn is CLUELESS.
- Bjorn formats the computer and reinstalls the OS, lacking better ideas. <- this is the step i was hoping to avoid this time
So far i've tried this:
- Reboot -- No good.
- Safe mode -- No good.
- Last known working configuration -- no good
- System recovery from vista disc -- no good
- Startup repair from vista disc -- no..frickin'...good.
I suspect this:
- VGA driver (Intel GMA X3100) .. I think i saw something about an update to this driver just before the issue happened.
- b0rked version of winlogon.exe as following a lesser smart windows update package?
So far google told me this:
- Black screens are a common issue, though everyone else experience them AFTER login. I don't.
- found ONE case with a problem exactly like mine, he ended up reinstalling his PC too.
Just as you know, this is the fourth time this happens in less than a month, and i'm getting pretty sick of reinstalling vista. PLEASE folks, any solution but reinstall is accepted at the moment.
I do have access to the file system from other computers, if that helps. (file modifications, etc?)
Thanks a lot in advance.
(i'm >< this far from being appleized this summer if i don't find a permanent solution anytime soon)

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