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Paper Tape
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Re: WARNING: Fingerprint software update

hi mattmilten.

your warning was coming too late, better: I realized it too late.

someone's solution here ion forum: to use roolback (on device). no change.


my machine: 3000 N200 (0769-ETG). vista business.

with allmost latest updates for op.system and updates via lenovo's "system update".


my question: where are to get functionally program for "fingerprint". it doesn't matter, if it will be a german version ("hauen sie auf die taste drein" crazy translator ;-). does we need tools for the device, and full program?


thanks a lot;

and working WITH fingerprint is a very good tool.




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Paper Tape
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Re: WARNING: Fingerprint software update

I have had the same problem when updating my fingerprint scanner software but my system seems to have deleted the old driver so I cant do a roll back.  Any chance you could email me the driver?



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