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What’s the battery life and the max RAM for the Lenovo V110-15IKB 80TH0013UK?

Hello everyone,


I just want to know what’s the battery life like for this laptop: Lenovo V110 80TH0013UK 15.6" Laptop Intel Core i5-7200U / 2.5 GHz ,3.1 GHz Turbo Processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10 And also what’s the max RAM capacity for the laptop? I want to know before I but it.

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Re: What’s the battery life and the max RAM for the Lenovo V110-15IKB 80TH0013UK?

I've checked V110-15IKB specification.


According to it, battery life is around 6 hours. However, these tests never show real battery life, because everyone use their devices differently. Because of this, you can assume, that real battery life will be about a half of it, so around 2 or 3 hours. 


Regarding RAM, this laptop supports up to 16GB RAM. Motherboard have 4GB RAM soldered and single DIMM socket for DDR4 module. There's a problem though. When you buy 8GB RAM, you'll have 12GB in total, which will work, however when you buy 16GB RAM, you'll have more than 20GB RAM in total (there's no 12GB RAM modules). Some units will work stable with this configuration and some will refuse to boot. Because of this I fear, that this laptop supports 12GB RAM and may or may not support higher configuration.

There's one more thing about RAM. Shown configuration have only soldiered RAM, which work in single channel mode. While this won't be a big problem in OS or apps, but it will impact performance in games (tests shown even 40% performance difference). Installation of memory module will enable dual channel mode. It's advised to use two RAM modules with the same size e.g. 4GB+4GB or 8GB+8GB. Asymmetric configurations are usually also supported, but they have less performance than symmetric ones. And just to be honest, 4GB RAM in device is simply not enough today...


If you're going to play from time to time, I would advise to consider version with Radeon 530 GPU.


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