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communication problems with attaching external sound card

hi everybody,
I'm using a lenovo 3000 n 100 type 0768.
during the last year i tried to connect at least 4 different external sound card in purpose to work with my laptop as a recording studio. in every one of them i got audio drop outs, glitches and graphic errors. it happened when i connected to the 1394 output and also to the usb output. when i'm working on the internal sound card it works properly. it seems that there is some "address" problem or something like that. anyway, i'm desperate and lost, please help me!!!
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Re: communication problems with attaching external sound card

As to the USB problem, check out the different USB ports in Device Manager. They don't seem to all give the same output power (500mA). An interim solution could be to get a USB2.0 PCMCIA card (preferably with NEC chipset), which should give a more stable power signal.
The 1394 might also not be the strongest version (400 rather than 800), perhaps there lies a problem as well.
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Re: communication problems with attaching external sound card

I don't know if this applies to the 3000 series, (because I don't have one lying around at the moment), but in ThinkPads there is an entry in bios under config regarding USB; "USB always on". It is set to disabled as default. The power supplied to the USB ports will be reduced when running on battery, (I have a feeling it also has an effect also when running on AC).
I once had a case where someone was using an external touchscreen; in order for the touch facility to work the screen had to be connected by USB, however it didn't always work or respond as expected. Eventually, after trying different drivers etc., we found and changed the USB bios setting to "always on" and the problem went away.



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