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lenovo3000 n200 almost dead, yet almost everything works...except..


I own lenovo3000 n200 laptop,

it's still nice laptop for office/browsing tasks,

anyway I need help, maybe advise

this is 4 years old laptop, and although I carried it like a baby it's cover is in a bad condition...

especially from bottom - it's plastic cover surface broke here and there, also on the back of bottom,

but this is not a problem, as this just does not allow me to carry it, it's desktop/laptop


few months ago power cable broke just by the plug;

it's cruial spot, as it broke few times later on, even when heavy soldered and secured,

once I possibly soldered cables wrong and fan stopped working, i got new fan, but it seems is something with power, not a fan,

so I connected old fan as DEFAULT via usb cableSmiley Happy - not super elegant, but it worked, bit noisy though, I should solder resistor to slow it down;

then 2 days ago when power cable broke again and I soldered it again - it seems it's somethiung worng with power

as laptop does not load battery,

it works from battery, but obviously it's for short time...

question :

considering this laptop has very nice glossy screen, 2 gig ram, intel core duo cpu,

all parts like hd, dvd, modem, wifi, keyboard, screen - all works great,

except battery does not load anymore and it could be something serious...

I really think it's foolish to just throw away laptop, if it could be repaired - as I said - it's good laptop for browsing (gfore g7200 - card - better then intel based) - for what it done - was great


do you think it's any chance to repair it, and if - where in London ?

does Lenovo got their own support ?

obviously if simply repeir will be expensive - there's nothing for me left to throw it away or sell for parts for peanuts...

as this is another option,


please advise,


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Community SeniorMod
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Re: lenovo3000 n200 almost dead, yet almost everything works...except..

Hi filipovske and welcome to the community,


It's good to see you've been babying this machine along.  


If it were mine, I'd do a search on Ebay for parts.  Is that a 14.1 screen or a 15.4.  A board on ebay costs about 120.00 US.

The plastics are cheap.


It sounds like you might have blown a fuse or two on the motherboard.  


An N200 on Ebay is selling for over 300.00 US so if you had to put 200.00 US in it, it would probably be worth fixing up.  

To have somebody work on it would probably not be worth it. That could get expensive, but if you were willing to do the work, (and it sounds like you can), then it would probably be worth it.



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