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What's DOS?
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password manager


my password manager can not use my fingerprint hardware anymore. When logging into vista, everything works fine. When i take a look at the fingerprint software, everything seems to be good. However, when I want to open a website with a password i have to enter my pwd everytime, which is annoying. Does anyone know what I may try to do, except reinstallation of everything?

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Paper Tape
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Re: password manager

I have the same problem. Look at "Client Security Solution Problem" on this community.
Serial Port
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Re: password manager

Same problem here
Paper Tape
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Re: password manager

I am using a Lenovo laptop, N200 Windows XP professional less than 1 month old
I've been having the same issue with client security. the fingerprint reader works when I start up the computer; but any attempt to use it after that does not work.  I get the message that fingerprint authentication is required and the device is not installed.  I've spoken with TechSupport who helped me uninstall and re-install on several occassions with no success. They finally suggested I unistall the software saying it is software normally only used on Thinpads and not initially intended for Lenovo computers.   I suppose they are working on a fix for this problem since so many users are having the same issue.
Paper Tape
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Re: password manager

    I have 3000 series v200. Same issue with fingerprint reader, First password software stopped "seeing" the reader. After several reinstalls still not working. Finally did a total reinstall of entire operating system. Password maneger now recognizes the reader, popped up on first use to swipe finger successfully but fails to pop for subsequent logins. There appears to be a serious compatibility issue between this software and hardware.
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Re: password manager

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