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Blue Screen Again
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why lenovo laptops are best!!

hi friends


if ur a new lenovo user then u must know about lenovo laptops


they are best because of


1.)good battery backup about 3-3.5 hours with 6 cell battery

2.)one key recovery recover your OS with in 10 mints without any media

3.)face recognation makes your face your password

4.)solid built

5.)win 7 enhanced experince(faster,richer,easier)

6.)LED screens


and lots more


these are mainly common feature of all series & lenovo G,S,Y series

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Re: why lenovo laptops are best!!

Uhm.. Thinkpads yeah... Ideapads + Valueline etc. No Way

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Re: why lenovo laptops are best!!

What's a Thinkpad? lol Go G555.
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Re: why lenovo laptops are best!!

[ Edited ]

Why Lenovo Valueline 3000 n Laptops are the Best Its in the name Value, I purchased 2 N100's in 2006 for the price of 1 Thinkpad with similar options. It has everything but a camera, which I purchased Later for 12 $ I just renewed Both Laptop's useful life expectancy for another easy 4 years by upgrading to 2ghz t7200 processors ,250gb harddrives, 2gigs memory and 9cell batteries. both running Windows 7 ultimate .. for less than the cost of a comparably equipped Thinkpad.. and I owned $ thinkpads before my 3000 N (Both Collecting Dust but still work fine for win98SE. I like the looks of the Ideapads and I like a lot of the Thinkpads But my 3000 N is SWEEEEET


 I actually have a clip of my Thinkpad/Lenovo collection

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Re: why lenovo laptops are best!!

+1 on a good N100!

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Re: why lenovo laptops are best!!

Value line means you get what you paid for Smiley Very Happy I never thought there will be a discrimination factor between models when decided to buy a Lenovo product. I said: Lenovo is a Lenovo, but nothing is what it seems to be when it comes to Lenovo.

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Re: why lenovo laptops are best!!

Lenovo laptops are the best because if you buy one you get for FREE:


1) Problems.

2) Bad forum support.

3) Free BIOS update to kill your laptop every month after it release date.

4) No recovery disks.

5) No international warranty applied to all models.


Buy Lenovo, and get a free-of-charge psychotherapy session.

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Re: why lenovo laptops are best!!

1.) You can upgrade the ram and diskdrive and your warranty isnt voided !!!!!!!!!

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